Okay, so we’re getting deep and emotional today.

We are talking about something that we see all the time with women who are interested in becoming fitness and nutrition experts, starting our programs within the academy, and they are dealing with this massive block, and we want to get this out of your minds and get you over it, because it’s absolutely holding you back from what you should be doing.

And that mental block is you feel that you do not look the part.

It’s such a huge block, and it’s such a sad thing to talk about. Sad in the sense of because I know that it’s holding a lot of people back from what their true power is, where they should be in this world and what kind of impact they should be making, but they feel like they can’t share their voice, because of just aesthetics, and it’s crazy.

Maybe you are holding on to extra weight, maybe you are on your weight loss journey and you’re not where you think you should be, or whatever it is, yet.

Maybe you’re always just playing the compare game, and you’re sitting there constantly comparing yourself to other health professionals or fitness professionals and you’re like, “I’m not there yet, I don’t look like that, so I can’t share my voice.”

We’re here to say it’s not true!

We want you  to know it’s not your fault. It’s not you that has created this insecurity in yourself. The fitness industry has set this standard, and has set all women up pretty much to fail. So whatever these visions you have of what a fitness instructor looks like, it’s because you’ve been fed it nonstop on the magazines when you’re at the checkout of the grocery store. What are you looking at? “10 pounds in 10 days.” Looking at six pack ads, looking at these TV trainers that will only hire trainers that are literally wearing crop tops and showing off, and that’s the vision that we have, and believe me, we know, because we have been there.

When I started teaching Fit Chicks, I was probably about 50 pounds heavier than I am now. I literally used to wear a sweater around my waist because I was so uncomfortable with my booty and my thighs, I didn’t want anyone to see me because I felt like if I wore that my students wouldn’t see, or my chicks wouldn’t be able to see my body while I was teaching. But what I didn’t realize was that people were not coming to my class because of the way I looked. It was the fact that I could motivate them to make a change, and that’s the thing with coaching. Coaching, it’s the universal language of change, right? It’s about motivating people, it’s about inspiring other people with your knowledge to help them change. It’s not about you.

But then I realized,I’m really strong, and I’m really healthy, and I have an ability to motivate people, and I have this great ability to share my story. To share my struggles, to share my strengths, to share my weaknesses, to share all of these things with other women through our classes, when I was teaching them. And I was able to help transform so many women’s lives, and I had this huge following of women who came to my classes. Not because I didn’t have a six pack, they came because I was able to just share with them, and show them what is possible, and to convey the message that it’s just about the outside.  It’s not just about what you look like.

And number one thing that I want all all of you reading to know is that aesthetics has nothing to do with health.

It is the biggest lie that we have been told – that the way that someone looks relates to how healthy they are, and that’s not true at all.

The second thing is, if you are thinking about getting into this industry and you are feeling like, “I don’t look the part, maybe if I lose 30 more pounds, then maybe I’ll get certified.”


The other thing when it comes to this industry is we are at a really amazing time.

Now that we have things, like Instagram and Facebook, yes, you can go down the rabbit hole comparison game, but also you can now start to see all different types of women in the fitness industry. And we need body diversity now more than ever.

We need to see trainers who are in their seventies, we need to see trainers who are plus size, we have students coming out of our fitness and nutrition expert program that are plus size and that work with other plus size women to motivate them and to love movement, not just about trying to look a certain way, but to be healthy.

We need women who are disabled, who are teaching walking programs, who are teaching high intensity intervals, who are teaching ballet. Whatever it is, there are women out there who are going to need what you have to offer, and we need these different types of voice promoting movement more than ever. So I think it’s such a beautiful time to get into this industry, because you can make such an impact just being you the way you are right now, and we can totally dispel all these stupid myths and ideas because I’ll tell you, I’ve done fitness competitions, and to get the way they look on that magazine cover, that does not happen in 10 days.

It is a lot of work, it is a lot of regimented diets, and workouts, they are selling a false bill of goods. I’ve actually written letters to these magazines saying, “You need to not do this anymore because it’s lies.” It’s lies.

We need to stop believing that and we need to start realizing that my body, the way it is right now, is enough, and if I keep telling myself this story, this lie that I don’t look the part, all I’m doing is standing in my own way, and I’m doing the world a disservice, because there’s women out there who need what I have to offer.

Say to yourself, “I am ready.”

And you are ready.

Go check out our testimonials,  we have hundreds of testimonials from our students, all different ages, shapes, sizes, races, walks of life, and you will see what we’re saying is true, what we live by, this is what we do at FIT CHICKS Academy. We’re all about body diversity and it’s time. We need to make a change in this world and in this industry.

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