Whether you are a mama who is expecting, post natal or just looking to break some bad habits and learn how to better care for yourself inside and out, this interview is for you. Today we are talking today with leading expert Coach JVB all about how to get fit and feel fab today! She shares with us her expert secrets on how she went from expecting to cover model ready in under 6 months, the type of workouts she uses today and what to do and avoid when expecting or post natal to get out of the stuck cycle of dieting and endless cardio.


In this episode, we cover: 

  • Looking at your health from the inside out is key to long term results
  • What we need to be doing today if you are currently pregnant, post natal or just wanting to get some serious results
  • Learn what is Jenny’s go to workout for effective results
  • Why fad diets do not work and what does
  • Learn the top 3 mistakes most women make with their health which causes them to not get the results they crave
  • What to do if you are suffering from the “super woman” mentality and why it is key to long term success
  • Which ab exercise you need to stop doing now to get a cut core
  • Why pre-baby body should not be a thing and what we need to consider instead

3 Main Takeaways:

  • The way to amazing results does not come overnight, it is about being consistent. Not as sexy as a magic pill but it is the key to long term results and continued success.
  • Life is busy! Becoming a mom makes it that much busier. We need to honor that and stop beating ourselves up for not fitting it all in! Give yourself a break so that you are not adding more unneeded stress to your already packed schedule.
  • Our body will always be post partum once we have had a baby. Embrace these changes and embrace your new body. It has done something incredible and will continue to do so. Rather than thinking you have to go back to pre-baby body think about where you can take it for your new body and new life as a mom.

About Coach JVB

Jennifer (aka Coach JVB) is a leading global fitness expert, registered holistic nutritionist, certified personal trainer, and a pre and postnatal specialist. Jennifer is the founder of StrongGirls Online Coaching. Her approach to lifestyle and dietary coaching has influenced and motivated thousands of women around the world towards their fitness goals. She is praised regularly for her dramatic transformations, which to date result in over 20,000 lbs.

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