Have you ever wondered what has sensationalized the wine o’clock mentality or how “mommy juice” was even created? Or perhaps why one glass of wine can turn into a bottle in no time and how we have created the dependency?

Today we are chatting with CEO of Sober Sis Jen Kautsch about how she created not only a life where alcohol is not the enemy but also not the escape route.

In this judgement free zone chat we talk all about how to help yourself get over the dependency that we can create with alcohol and more importantly how to do this without creating an all or nothing approach. 

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Jenn’s Bio:

I’m Jenn (aka SoberSis). I’m a new empty nester and people ask me all the time what I’m going to do in this next season of my life. Well, you’re looking at it. I feel passionate about making it safe for women to have a conversation about alcohol without judgment, labels, or rules. I’m a retired “grey area” drinker. Around the middle of my 40’s, I was tired, feeling stuck on auto-pilot, and ready for a change. I didn’t want to enter the big 5-0 the way I did 40. I took a closer look at my life. My health…mental, physical, and spiritual. I began to find out ways to have more energy, better sleep, and really stay present in my own life. I began to realize wine wasn’t doing me any real favors. In fact, it was undoing a lot of my hard work during the day (I call it the detox just to retox loop). It had also become like an emotional crutch to lean on during times of anxiety or even boredom!
So, I started the 21-day reset for women because I wanted to share what I have learned and experienced first hand. Currently, over 2,000 women from all over the world have participated. We’re more of a sisterhood and a real community of women pursuing being present and soberminded. Each person has the opportunity and space to renegotiate their relationship with alcohol. We are not a sobriety club although many of us do choose to enjoy an alcohol free lifestyle.
I’ve spent time taking a break from drinking without having to use willpower or feeling deprived. In fact, I’d say it has turned into more of a mindful lifestyle. Learning the science behind what my body/mind was experiencing has empowered me to make different choices. It’s like I was living a somewhat divided life, constantly feeling in conflict and stuck in an internal tug-of-war. God really brought me freedom by bringing together the mind-body-spirit connection so I could live a more wholehearted life. That’s how I want to live as I get closer to my 50’s and beyond.

Sober Sis Links:

Free Guide – www.sobersis.com
21 Day Reset Challenge – www.sobersis.com/21daychallenge


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