Today we chat with Fitness and Nutrition Expert graduate and CEO of The Nourished Doula, Rebecca Hammond about the importance of healing your relationship with your reproductive health.

In this interview Rebecca shares her own story and struggles with her health, how she has overcome this and what she is working on currently to continue to heal.

As someone who is constantly always learning and growing in her practice to help others with their cycles and womb health, this episode is a must listen for every woman. 

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Rebecca Hammond is a Holistic Reproductive Practitioner for millennial Women. She is obsessed with studying generational patterning/conditioning and the relationship between grandmother, mother and daughter as she is found that they are so deeply connected through the womb. Rebecca is a passionate educator teaching women how to nourisHER mind, body soul womb & to Live in Flow with her Cycle. She supports women pre-pregnancy so that they can heal their lineage; to break the cycle of generational trauma and conditioning for future generations and the planet.

She has been on this wild journey of holistic healing for over a decade and commits her life to this work. She once struggled with hormone imbalances, irregular painful periods, lack of self-worth, self-love, and unhealthy relationships with food and her body.

Rebecca has become a leader is the field of Women’s Holistic Reproductive Health, and is embarking on the journey of becoming a Doula in the fall of 2020. She is an advocate for conscious conception and is here to birth New Earth. She believes in approaching health holistically, looking at the mind, body, soul, & womb to determine the root cause.

Her dream is to Empower YOU:

  • to reclaim and own your POWER
  • reclaim your health, trust your inner knowing
  • to heal & reconnect with your body mind soul and womb
  • to fall back into rhythm and flow with your sacred cycle

So that you come back into relationship with your true divine feminine nature and essence. 

She creates safe space, community and sisterhood through her women’s circles, workshops, 1:1 and group mentorship programs. Providing a space to be vulnerable. To be WOMBYN. To BE who you are at our core.

Her intention is to share the truth, her experiences, all things women’s holistic health, to support you on your journey and be a guide as she believes we are all our own healer.

A nourished woman in love with herself heals the world.

Welcome Home, sister.

With nourishing love,


Connect with her on Instagram @thenourisheddoula @thenourishedwomanpodcast

Listen to her share weekly nourishment on her podcast: The nourished Woman Podcast

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Favourite Quote

“A nourished woman in love with herself heals the world.”

-Rebecca Hammond-

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Happy Listening!

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