Are you getting frustrated with your nutrition? Does it feel everything you try to implement is either too time consuming, confusing or just downright unrealistic? 

In this episode of FIT CHICKS Chat, we are sharing our top 5 nutrition habit hacks to transform your nutrition without hiring a coach or going on another program or diet! 

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Top 5 Nutrition Habit Hacks 

1.Follow the Complete in 3 Rule

If you have been following us for a while, you have probably heard us talk about the Complete in 3 rule.  In our world it is an oldie but a serious “goodie” when it comes to hacking your nutrition.  The rule is that when building a meal, your plate should be based around the following 3 things:

Protein + Fibre (preferably low glycemic fruits & veggies) + Healthy Fat

This not only makes it easy to easily build a healthy, balanced meal without trying to figure out what to include but also creates a blood sugar balancing meal that reduces cravings, keeps you fuller longer and is in line with your health and weight loss goals.  All in 3 steps…who doesn’t love that?!


2. Create “Core 4 Meals” 

In our Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach Certification, we teach a concept called the Core 4.  It is based around the idea that you have 4 “go to” meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack OR meal 1, 2, 3 & 4 depending on how you label your meals) that are based around the Complete in 3 Rule, are 4 meals you love to eat and include ingredients you always have on hand.  

The idea is to keep your meals as simple as possible. Find things you like and repeat. This doesn’t mean boring. With the Core 4 you are never stuck then, scrambling to find something to eat when you are starving and end up making the wrong decisions. 

Here is an example of our Core 4:

    1. 0% Greek Yogurt (Protein), Raspberries (Fibre / Low Glycemic Fruit), Chia Seeds (Healthy Fat)
    2. Chicken (Protein), Coleslaw (Fibre / Low Glycemic Veggie), Olive Oil & Vinegar dressing (Healthy Fat)
    3. Eggs (Protein), Kale/Tomatoes/Onion (Fibre / Low Glycemic Veggie), Avocado (Healthy Fat)
    4. Green Smoothie – Vanilla Whey (Protein), Frozen Strawberries & Spinach(Fibre / Low Glycemic Fruit), Flax seeds (Healthy Fat) – add water or unsweetened almond milk

The combinations are endless. You can have something fancy and make a lot to have in batches or you can just have meals made up of 3 things and will make it easy for you to stick to your nutrition plan when you have these in your arsenal.  

Plus this builds your confidence in your ability to program your own nutrition because YOU chose them.  The one thing is you can’t just think about them, you must write them out.  Try it and build your own right now…it is as easy as it looks!


3. Order your groceries online vs going into the store. 

This is one of our favorite healthy eating hacks.  Why? Because you are more likely to make healthier choices in advance when ordering on a computer screens vs in store where sights and smells of foods can throw you of course.

This is not just a nutrition hack but a brain hack too.  When we make decisions and plan in advance, we use a part of our brain called the pre frontal cortex.  This is the “grown up” part of our brain that guides us to delay gratification and make decisions in line with our goals. When we are in the moment, our primitive brain takes over which seeks pleasure, avoids pain and puts in as little effort as possible.  The primitive brain is what will have your grocery cart filled with pastries, chips and pizza when you intended on only stocking up on healthy food!  

So order your groceries online to not only save time but to hack your nutrition – it works!


4. Build a low sugar/ starch kitchen. 

This means building a low glycemic kitchen. Most of us have cupboards, fridges and freezers full of highly processed, high glycemic foods that wreak havoc on our health and our goals.

Swap out the puffed, popped, pastas etc for real whole foods that is low glycemic. Stock up on low sugar fruits and veggies. Swap out rice & pasta for Cauliflower rice and zucchini noodles. Use lettuce wraps instead of bread…there are so many simple swaps that will turn your kitchen low glycemic.  

How to start this hack?  Pick 1 area of your kitchen to  makeover first (example your freezer).  Look at what is high glycemic and low glycemic.  Remove the processed food and consciously replace with low glycemic foods like frozen berries, veggies, meats, beans, etc.  You also can use that space to stock up on batch cooking or homemade smoothie bags to save time.  Just take out and defrost:)


5. If you aren’t hitting your goals. Ask yourself why. 

This is a hack most people do not think of when looking at their nutrition.  It is as simple as asking yourself WHY.  Why do you want this goal?  What would you need to reach your goal?  And Write it out. 

For example, do you not have the right info, education, are you confused, are you emotional around your relationship with food, are you overwhelmed?  The quicker you uncover what support you need to get to your goals, the quicker you can reach them.  Sitting in overwhelm and confusion will get you NOWHERE.  Once you get clear, you can reach out for help vs randomly googling and trying the next diet. 

You have to figure out why..not in a negative way. Grab a piece of paper set your timer for 5 min and write.  What you uncover will be invaluable!


So there it is…the top 5 hacks to transform your nutrition without hiring a coach or going on another diet.

Ready to dive deeper into nutrition, habits and mindset?  Check out our FIT CHICKS Academy Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach Certification and join the 100’s of grads from around the globe!  

Laura & Amanda

Founders of FIT CHICKS Academy

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