Do you ever wonder what it is like to create a business with your BFF?

As many of you know, Laura and Amanda have been BFFs since grade 9 and started FIT CHICKS Academy business in 2008.

Today on the podcast we interviewed two other BFFs, Dougmary and Kausar who are the owners of Become Fit Forever and graduates of the Fitness and Nutrition Expert Certification program. They share the details today about what they were up to before becoming a fitness coach, why this has changed their lives and the lives of all of the women globally they help with their online fitness programs and why they recommend you follow your passion for fitness now. 

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Kausar and Dougmary are FIT CHICKS Academy alumni Fitness and Nutrition coaches. Creators of the BFF method which  helps women who are approaching 40 years old lose 15+ lbs. Their mission is to help women feel confident in their body, ditch all diets and lead a diet free lifestyle in their 40s and beyond. 

They started their business in person and partially online back in 2019. In 2020 due to Covid they went 100% online and this year. And it’s been 2 years being online coaches.

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