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Bikini and fitness competitions are all the rage right now with everyone wanted six pack abs, sparkly suits and stepping on stage….but what does it REALLY take to go through this transformation not only in your workouts and nutrition but your long term physical and mental health? On today’s episode, we have 4 X IFBB Bikini Champion, Elite Coach & Founder of Fit Bunnie Inc, Functional Nutritionist and MS & Cancer fighter, Jill Bunny joining us to share with exactly what goes on behind the scenes to help you truly understand the world of fitness competitions.  We cover it all – From what are fitness competitions to Jill’s journey to the stage, how to safely prepare for a competition (including who should NOT be doing them!), her health crisis and how to support your body and life after competing.  Whether you want to compete or not, this podcast is a MUST listen for anyone wanting to understand how to approach the world of fitness competing – for yourself, your friends or your clients. 

In this episode, we cover: 

  • Jill’s Journey to & from the Stage: How Jill went from her lowest point after her divorce to the highest ranking IFBB 4X Bikini Champion, her battle with MS and Thyroid Cancer, and her life after competing 
  • Fitness Competition 101 – What the levels are, how they are judged, the pro’s and con’s and what to expect and where to start 
  • How to know if you should or should NOT compete 
  • Jill Top tips to balancing long term health and the competition life style 
  • Finding a coach – the 5 questions you MUST ask before your commit to a coach 
  • Life after Competing:  How to safely transition out of competition both physically, mentally AND emotionally 

3 Key Points: 

  1. Your physical and mental health for the LONG TERM is the most important thing when it comes to fitness competitions…you have to understand what you are doing so not to ruin that. 
  1. Finding the right coach to support you through this journey – from beginning to post show – is critical to your success and health.  Do your research! 
  1. Learn to love your body for the machine it is, not just for the way it looks.  It truly is amazing! 

Resources Mentioned: 

 Jill’s Website 

Jill’s Instagram 

Amateur to Pro– Get a copy of Jill’s Book on how to compete safely

Life After Competing – Get a copy of Jill’s Books how to transition after the stage!

Killer Resources!

  1. Fitness & Nutrition Expert Program:   Get certified in fitness, nutrition, wellness & business in 12 weeks! Registration is open for the Sept 27, 2017
  2. Natural Weight Loss Coach: Become a nutrition weight loss expert!  8 week program starts Oct 23, 2017

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