Do you struggle with social media? Are you looking at all the different platforms trying to figure out which one is best for you and your business to get more traction? We get it!! Social media can be daunting and overwhelming and feel like a full time job on it’s own which is why we brought in social media maven Monica Bencomo of Mom’s Wear Heels to give us all the tips of how to best use our time and these platforms for growth. In this interview Monica shares her story on growing Mom’s Wear Heels to the movement it is today and what her secret sauce is for continued growth and success. We also dive into the conversation of dealing with trolls, corporate endorsements and building passive income. If you struggle with social media or just even use social media for your business this interview is not to be missed!


In this episode, we cover: 

  • Learn why Monica created Mom’s Wear Heels and what that community means to her
  • The one things Monica is 100% committed to doing within her community and how that built her following
  • Why it is so important to maintain an image of self even as a mom
  • How Monica deals with online “trolls”
  • Why sometimes passing up on big opportunities with large companies is a must
  • How to navigate through all of the different social media channels
  • The one thing she suggests doing ASAP when starting out in business to build passive income and give yourself some freedom

About Monica Bencomo:

Monica Bencomo founded lifestyle brand Moms Wear Heels in 2012 shortly after having her first child in hopes of inspiring women around the world to live their dreams and continue pursuing passions after having children. After publishing her first book, 7 Habits of a Healthy, Happy Mom, she became parenting and fitness expert on 2 Kasa Fox and the Morning Brew for a couple of years. After graduating from UNM with her BA in Liberal Arts, she decided to focus on entrepreneurial pursuits with her company Moms Wear Heels and has organically grown her online following to over 90,000 between Instagram, blog, and YouTube by sharing lifestyle tips and daily inspiration. Throughout this journey, she’s had the pleasure of partnering with media outlets such as People, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Oxygen, Fit Pregnancy, the Daily Mail, NY Post, and BET.  

On being an influencer:

I personally don’t like the idea of being labeled a “social media influencer”… I think we are all influencers. Influencers on our children, community, and the clerk who checks out our groceries… We all have power to (and do) influence those we come into contact with on a daily basis either positively or negatively. The numbers (of followers) don’t matter as much as the impact does on those who choose to follow you and be a part of our journey. Never underestimate your ability to influence others and change the world on your own platforms. We all have gifts!

Learn more about Monica on Instagram @momswearheels and visit her website

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