From actress, to playwright to, successful fitness bootcamp and online transformation coach…how does that happen?! In this interview with the amazing Oonagh Duncan, Founder of Fit Feels Good and the online 28 Day Transformation Challenge, we go behind the scenes into how she went from fitness as a hobby after giving birth to being named one of the Top Fitness Pro’s in Canada and helping 100’s of people from around the world transform their health and bodies.  From her fitness biz challenges and mistakes to her best lessons and advice, this is a must listen for anyone starting or growing a fitness biz from someone who has built it from the ground up on her own to help you stop wasting time and start growing your business today!


In this episode, we cover:

  • Oonagh’s story of opening her own fitness business
  • How her business has grown from when it started
  • Online vs In person training
  • Oonagh’s biggest challenge with owning your own fitness business business
  • The biggest biz mistake she wishes she could have avoided
  • Oonagh’s biggest accomplishment
  • Her goals with her business
  • Her top advice that she wished she had known when opening her business
  • and more!

About Oonagh Duncan:

Oonagh Duncan is a multi award winning Fitness Expert, author and speaker on health – specializing on busy women in their 40s. She was an Associate Fitness Editor for Chatelaine Magazine and regular Expert on the Steven and Chris show.  Oonagh is the founder of the Feel Good Movement which recognizes that fitness is not about a number on the scale but about feeling good. Because if you want to reach your highest potential and generally kick ass at life – it starts with feeling good right NOW.  Her outdoor Bootcamp company was recognized by NOW Magazine Readers as one of the best “gym” in Toronto, but her primary focus right now is her five star reviewed online fitness programs. When she’s not training, she’s playing Star Wars with her five year old and seven year old sons.

Finf our more about Oonagh at

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Happy Listening!

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