It’s Amanda, co-founder of Fit Chick’s Academy, where we help women get certified in fitness, nutrition, as well as build amazing businesses. And I’m here today to talk to you about something that I’m really passionate about, which is…. what is your backup plan?

The reason why I want to talk about this is because I want to tell you that if you are someone who is thinking about getting into a new career path, if you’re doing this as a side hustle, you are having this huge fear, right? There’s the fear of what  if I can’t do this? What is my plan B? What is my backup plan?

If you are sitting there, , and you’re thinking, “I have a backup plan., just in case”,  I want you to take that backup plan, and I want you to throw it away!

I’m going to tell you why. When you have a backup plan, when you have a plan B, what happens is, subconsciously, you will never put 100% of your effort into your plan A. And your plan A is your life, right? It is the thing that you are trying to create. This is the thing that you want so bad because this is the plan. This is it. This is what you want.

And, I honestly feel like so many people, they go into it, but they always have this in the back of their mind, “But if it doesn’t work out, I’ve got this plan. I’ve got this other thing I can do.” And I want you to get rid of that feeling because I don’t want you to think, “What if this doesn’t work out?” Or, “If this doesn’t work out, I’m going to do this instead.” I want you to start thinking and believing, “This is going to work out. This is going to happen for me.”

I’m going to share a story with you. A friend of mine back in the day, he was an aspiring and inspiring MC. And so, he was trying to make it in the music industry, and at the time, he was doing well, but not maybe breaking out as big as he wanted at the time, and he was offered a job to be an NBA commentator and I was thinking “Whoa, that’s amazing.Stop the presses. Are you going to take it? Like what is happening?”

He said “No, not doing it,” and I was was shocked! “What? Like how can you turn that down?” So many people would be so on that. They would jump on that in a second, in a heartbeat. He said , “No, because that’s a backup plan. That’s a plan B. That’s not what I really want.” Right? And so, he turned it down, and just didn’t even think twice about it.

And I realized that totally makes sense because he thought, “If I take that, then I will never actually complete the thing I really want.”

So if you’re reading right now, and you have this idea in your mind, then ou have your plan A. You have the thing that you want so bad in life.  Like for me, I’m living my plan A. I have my own business. I am super grateful, and super happy that I’m able to do this, but if you were sitting there, and you’re thinking, “I have this idea of what I want,” but you’re not doing it, you need to take action to do it. Okay?

You need to just do it because you can’t let fear stand in the way of you actually living your best life, and if you have that plan A, but then you also have the plan B, I want you to throw it out the window because I want you to put everything you’ve got into this plan A. I want you to pour your heart, your soul, everything into it, so that it actually happens for you.

Don’t give yourself an out, okay? Don’t do it because it’s not worth it, because the thing that will be worth it is putting in all the blood, sweat, and tears, and energy, into your plan A, and actually living your best life.

That’s my love bomb for today xo

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