Today we want to talk to you about this misconception that happens. There are so many coaches or people starting their business that seem to think that success is linear. They think it’s a one way street –  you go up one way and you go down and that’s it.

This actually is what we used to think, too, when we opened Fit Chicks. We understand it’s totally daunting when you’re first starting in the industry. There are so many things that can go wrong and you start to think there’s either something wrong with you or there’s something wrong with your business – and that is not true. You probably think the road to success is either picking one road or the other. Either you go straight to success, so you start your business here and it’s amazing and successful.  Or, you go straight to failure and you’re like I suck and I’m ditching this whole idea of becoming a fitness nutrition coach. I’m not even doing it.

This is not the way it works.This is a false belief that we need to get rid of.

This is how it actually works in the beginning (and still does for us). You start on the road to growing your business or starting your business and the next thing you know, you run into failure number one. You keep going. Then you hit failure number two. You keep going. Failure number three. You keep going. Fail. Then, finally, you have a success.

But in reality too, these aren’t actually failures. They are lessons.

We call these lessons, s don’t think of these as failures. This is what growing a business looks like. It truly is all about trying things, see if they work, then shifting your strategy until something does work.

The one thing we see happening often with a lot of entrepreneurs out there, a lot of business coaches or fitness coaches, is that they reach this first failure (or lesson) and then they tell themselves, “I suck. I give up.”

So when you hit this point though, that’s when it’s just about shifting strategy. It happens to all of us and if anyone tells you any different, if they’re like, “No, no, it totally is just linear and it’s just going to be one way.” They’re lying to you.

So this is what we want to prepare you for. First of all, we want you to shift the mindset of you’re either going to succeed or you’re going to fail. Get that out of your mind right away.

We also, secondly, we want you  to start looking at these failures as lessons and this for us was one of the biggest mindset shifts, because as soon as we started looking at the things we tried and that didn’t work and then realized, “Okay, this is teaching us a lesson and now what do we need to change to now make it work?” it was one of the best gifts for our business.

Those failures end up turning into the best education we received.

It will be the same for you. It’s going to show you what was working, what wasn’t working, and  what you need to do. It’s going to show you things about yourself that are amazing.

So start shifting that mindset. There are no failures, only lessons and you will eventually get to wherever you want to be.

Okay chicks, we’ll talk to you in the next video.

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