We have a question for you:

Why are you guys searching for certifications that are fast, cheap, or easy? It doesn’t make any sense to us.

When we’re talking about fast, cheap, and easy certifications, we’re talking about things like weekend certifications, one-day free webinars, or correspondence courses that you do and you get mailed a book, and you just do a written exam, and you never talk to anybody, and never get feedback. It’s just literally a certification you can do it in a day or you can space it out as long as you want.

All of those are certifications that you might have heard about, you might have read about, you might have been searching with the goal of becoming a fitness professional; however, what we want you to start thinking about is why are you looking for something that fast, cheap, or easy? What is that, in the end, going to actually give you? Is it going to make you feel confident?


Are you going to feel confident with your knowledge after doing a one-day webinar and getting some obscure certification online? Is that really going to make you feel confident training people, especially when it comes to their health and wellness? Are you really going to feel like you are able to retain enough information over two or three days? Are you really going to feel afterwards like, “All right! I got this”?


You have to start taking this stuff seriously.

You get what you pay for, so that’s the thing. Yes, you can do a certification course and get the piece of paper, but are you going to be able to feel confident? Are you going to be able to actually put the stuff into practice? Because when you get a certification it’s not just about the actual knowledge. You still have to coach another human being, and that is a whole other thing you need to learn, and you have to build your own confidence. You need a program that is going to help you in all of those areas.

Even with our Fitness & Nutrition Expert certification, we have a lot of students taking our program that have already been certified in other areas. The reason why they take our certification is because they do not feel confident with the knowledge that they have. They feel as though they’re like, “All right, I have this behind me, but I feel like I learned nothing. I just have the piece of paper.”

If that’s who you are and all you want is a piece of paper then that is your choice, but I’m telling you that when you have the knowledge, and you have the support, and you have the community behind you, and you have everything behind you to help you actually be successful, you will end up being more successful. You will end up making more impact. You will end up actually being able to help your clients in a much more holistic way, as opposed to just having a piece of paper on a wall. The choice is yours, really.

So if you are looking to become a certified fitness professional please stop searching for fast, cheap, and easy course now, and start actually investing time money, and energy into yourself and into something that is going to be long-lasting.

That’s our love note for you today.

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