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There is a lot of debate in the fitness and nutrition industry on the topic of “cheat meals” or “cheat days”. Do we actually need them?  Are they promoting bad relationship with food? Are they a nutrition strategy that can actually help with weight loss?

In this episode, the Head Chicks weigh in on their personal and professional thoughts on using cheat meals, how they should be approached for real results PLUS their The Secret to Reaching Your Fat Loss Goals Without Giving up Wine, Chocolate and Cheese!

The secret is allowing yourself a meal not usually on your plan, but following a structured approach to make sure that you eat the right amount to keep in line with your goals.

Eliminating your foods you really enjoy can backfire and make you feel deprived and even give up on your plan. Many “diets” allow a cheat meal, but the truth is a full blown cheat meal can easily contain a few thousand calories, enough to erase any progress you may have made that week. Plus mentally and emotionally, it encourages bad habits and a ongoing horrible relationship with food labeling them “good” and “bad”.


By using a structured flex meal, you make sure that your meal satisfies you but doesn’t derail you and will give you the tools to feel in control of your choices!

Remember chick – it is all about not going overboard. This approach will take away that all or nothing mentality and let you have a nutrition plan that works with your LIFE – not something you start and stop every 2 weeks.

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