We have a question for you –  are you a course collector?

We love to learn. We love to grow. There’s nothing wrong with it, but when when we see their being kind of an issue is when you start collecting courses and taking different certifications, but nothing works together. It is not cohesive. There is no strategy. There is no plan around it. You just have all these certifications, and they don’t feed into each other to help you as a health professional or to help your clients, so that you can holistically help them.

There are two issues. Number one, none of the courses are working together, so you’re kind of like, “Okay. How do I take a piece from this fitness certification I did and incorporate this nutrition certification I did, and get them to work together?”, because they’re two different trains of thought.

Two different trains of thought, two different ways of delivery. So, you’re trying to put these pieces together to make it work for you, but then also the other side of a course collector, which is you don’t know how to put all these things together, so you get completely overwhelmed and stuck.

The second part is you just feel comfortable continually doing courses and not doing something with it, which is very easy to do though when you’re just taking certifications that don’t also teach you how to take action.

For example, with our Fitness & Nutrition Expert Program, you’re going to  learn how to instruct fitness in group, personal training, and online. You’re going to learn how to build nutrition programs that support your fitness programs. You’re going to  learn all about stress management, wellness, detoxing, all that stuff, to support that stuff as well. But the last piece is the thing that makes our certification so amazing is that we teach you how to put it into action and build a business. You can’t just sit there, and collect courses, and collect information, and not do anything with it, because you’re doing a disservice to the world, and I know for a lot of people it makes you feel comfortable, right?  That’s why we make sure that we make you take action, and we give you the tools and the confidence to do it.

We’re one of the only certifications in North America that includes all of these elements, including the business component, and we added the business component in, because we want you to not only feel confident the knowledge that you’re gaining around fitness and nutrition and feel like you can provide a holistic approach to your clients, but we also want to have a plan of attack. We actually force you into action in  the course … I say force in a nice way.

We force you to actually create a business plan, so that when you graduate, you’re thinking, “Okay. Cool. I have this knowledge. I have this information. I have this practice. I’m ready to go, and now I have a plan.”

“I know exactly what it is that I want to do and how to execute against it.” Having that knowledge and having that is so powerful, because there are so many courses out there that you could take, and you take it and say “Okay. Good. I’m certified as a personal trainer, but now what?”

So, when we bring them together, that’s literally why we certify women as fitness and nutrition coaches and help you build amazing businesses, because those are the two things we love so much and that we truly are experts in.

There’s so many amazing health and fitness professionals out there, but that’s where they struggle. They struggle with how to put it all together, how to make it cohesive. They have all of this knowledge, but then they don’t know how to apply it.

It’s not your fault if you don’t know how to build your business.. It’s not your fault, because they’re not teaching you how to actually deliver this information to your clients and get clients who are going to buy from you. If you feel you’re failing at this, it’s not you, but you need to get in a certification, whether it’s ours or whether it’s someone else’s, that provides you with the whole picture, the whole picture of not only just the fitness, not just the nutrition, just the wellness, but also the business too.

If you do want to stop the insanity, stop collecting all these courses, and you’re ready to start taking action, and taking your knowledge, and putting power behind it, join us for the next Fitness & Nutrition Expert program!

The Fitness & Nutrition Expert program is now open for registration! Class starts September 26, 2018.