Hey Chick,

Sugar, salt, fatty foods…do your food cravings feel like are so strong that you would do anything for a “fix” sometimes? Don’t worry – you are not alone.
Food cravings are your bodies way of speaking to you. From nutritional deficiencies to stress coping techniques to starving for quick energy, what you crave is telling you something about you emotionally and physically and it is time to LISTEN!

In this episode, you are going to learn all about how to determine the source of your food cravings …and it may not be what you think!  We will cover:

  • What are food cravings & where do they come from
  • How to spot your triggers – physically & emotionally
  • The 4 most common categories of snack cravings and what your body is really telling you
  • The Top 3 spices that will curb your cravings naturally (and they are prob already in your cupboard!)

Plus the Head Chicks’ top tips to stop your cravings in their tracks incl:

  • How to set up your cupboards for success
  • What they do when a snack attack comes on & how to uncover where it comes from (and it is not willpower!)
  • How they manage food cravings and not feel guilty when indulging in them


Click on the player below to listen to this awesome podcast that will change the way you view your snacks for the long run!








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Happy Listening!

Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo

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