With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the head chicks examine how the feeling of love can affect your health. Ever wondered why your palms sweat when you think of your crush or what changes chemically in you to go from butterflies to nesting? Listen up, as today we will explore all the chemical responses in your body to the thoughts and feelings of love. We also chat about the one thing we all need to be doing better in our society to create more love in this world.


In this episode, we cover: 

  • Learn how the body reacts to being in love and why this chemical response is something you cannot deny
  • Find out the chemical response to sweaty palms and a racing heart how it is connected to the butterflies in your stomach
  • How the feeling of love has a similar effect on your brain as drugs, sugar and even cheese
  • What chemical reaction triggers a connection and desire for more intimacy
  • How women and men are radically different in their chemical responses to love and intimacy
  • Understand why the butterflies shift to comfort and what you can do about them today
  • Learn how to reduce stress and cortisol levels in your body with simple daily rituals
  • The fundamental thing we all need to start doing today to create more love and loving vibes
  • Why a loneliness minister is being appointed and what we need to do about this

3 Main Takeaways:

  • Love is more than just an emotion, it creates a chemical response in your body that affects your mood, energy levels, connection with others and overall health.
  • There are so many hormone and chemical responses that happen that can not only heighten and elevate your mood by also help to combat negative effects of other unhealthy habits like raised cortisol levels.
  • We all fundamentally want the same things in life, to be heard and to be respected and to be loved. With loneliness on the rise we need to pay more attention to giving and receiving more love.

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Happy Listening!

Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo

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