Today on Fit Chicks Chat business we are focusing on the one area of business that is overlooked by most companies today but is the most important area to focus on. Without having this streamlined you are setting your business up to fail.

We want you to succeed.

We want you to grow.

We want you to take on this year with confidence which is why we are sharing these valuable five steps! So grab you computer, paper and pen, whatever you need and get ready to create your own plan today.


The number one thing businesses struggle with that will hurt you in the long run

Today we are talking all about the one thing that majority of businesses struggle with and how to fix it ASAP. This is literally the most important aspect of your business but also mostly overlooked in how to do it well.

So what is it? 

Today we are all about Customer Care. Seems simple right?


So many businesses struggle because they are not set up from the beginning to succeed or just are flying by the seat of their pants. 

When we built FIT CHICKS in 2008 we started out right away with clear policies, procedures, standards of practice and continued to add to them over the years. Especially we grew our team from 2 of us to being Canada’s Largest Women’s Only Fitness Company. Can you imagine the disaster we would have had if we had not put this in place ahead of time?

So you might be thinking buttttt I already have a business rocking, what else do I need? Chances are there are pieces of this you are missing and #truthbomb it will hurt your business even if you are not aware. Without simple things like clear policies in place you might be repelling customers without even knowing it because they hit your page then bounced just as fast.

Or you might be on the “just getting started train” and building a million and one things so customer care and policies seem way down on the important to do list. Please, please, please do not believe this hype you are telling yourself. It is the key to success and the key to growth, retention and a satisfying business.

So here are the 5 main things you NEED to have in place in order to be set up and successful with your customer care.

    1. Have policies in place so that the standards are clear
    2. Have a clear and communicated follow up strategy with clients
    3. Actively listen to your customers
    4. Use positive language to achieve positive outcomes, always
    5. Remember, customer care is everyone’s job on your team not just the rep working for you or the Virtual Assistant and it is your job as CEO to set them up for success

So if you are ready to truly dive deep and get all of these 5 areas rocking in your business make sure to download our Fit Chicks Chat episode today.


To continued happy customers,

Amanda and Laura xo

Founders of FIT CHICKS Academy

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Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo

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