One of the biggest questions when it comes to starting in holistic nutrition & health coaching is “How can I make money?!” 

In this episode, the Head Chicks take you through the top 8 ways you can generate income as a health coach – in person and online –  that will not only make more impact & more income but will make sure you are never bored, constantly challenging yourself and helping more clients in the process. 

With the Health Coaching market growing to over $7.85 billion by 2022, with 121,000 coaches practicing, it’s safe to say that the health coaching industry is booming and it’s only going up from here.  It all depends on how YOU want to approach and the sky is the limit!

Watch, listen or read below to find out how…



The TIME is NOW to become a Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach…especially in weight loss & management! 

Health coaching is an incredible, exciting and growing industry that has emerged as a $6 billion service market.  

There are an estimated 109,000 health coaches and health educators that advise and motivate clients to change unhealthy lifestyle habits including nutrition, wellness, movement and stress management that can help with everything from weight management to preventing potential health conditions like heart attack and type 2 diabetes to changing mindset & motivation.

And there is so much opportunity to make amazing impact and income at the same time

Market data estimates the total market is forecast to grow at a 5.4% average annual pace, to $7.85 billion by 2022, with 121,000 coaches practicing.

 #1. Group and 1:1 Holistic Weight Loss Coaching

Weight loss is the #1 thing clients seek out holistic health and nutrition coaches help for.  If you are not offering weight loss coaching, you are missing out on HUGE opportunity and clients.  

To maximize your time, effort and revenue, it is best to run in person or online GROUP weight loss coaching programs. You can help multiple people in one session.  We commend running 4 – 12 week group coaching programs (not drop ins!) for more results and more revenue

You can also compliment your group coaching with personal and 1:1 coaching but this should be sold as packages vs per hour (value RESULTS vs TIME)

Our final verdict… a combination of both!


#2. Post Group Coaching Monthly Support & Members site

This is an AMAZING way to get a monthly membership style site up without a ton of expenses, time and tech knowledge while still giving your clients the support they crave AFTER the group coaching program is complete.  

This can be done via a private Facebook group that your client’s get access to with a monthly fee or for a duration of a program.  

All you need is a smart phone or web cam attached to your desktop so you can stream to your FB group.


#3. Create an Online Course, Program or Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge, Green Smoothie, Water, Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Walking…people love a challenge or program!   

Timing? 7 day, 14 day, 28 day, 8 is up to you how long to run for based on the result you are providing in the challenge.

Run with your in person clients PLUS this allow you to bring new people into your biz that don’t have access to your live program in your area.

It takes time to create your online program but once it is done, you can use it again

BONUS- You don’t even have to write your challenge! The  done for you challenge  like our 28 day Total Body Clean Up Challenge is included as a BONUS in the HWLE Program and start running it right away with clients!


#4. Write an E Book or Sample Meal Plans

Meal plans are ALWAYS as a hot sell health & weight loss industry especially if you have experience in a specific niche such as vegans, vegetarians, Keto, Paleo, GAPS, FODMAPS and more! 

This is a digital product that can be sent via email and can be super fancy or in a word doc as well as can range from generic to customized based on your biz (we like having both options!)


#5. Health Writing & Recipe Development

With your knowledge as a Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach,  writing healthy recipes and about how to use nutrition for weight loss, maintenance and healthy lifestyle (to name a few) is a huge skill that you have that blogs, companies and brands are looking for.  

Freelancing as a writer or ghost writer for this companies can bring you in steady part time work making up to a $100 / hour

POTENTIAL EARNINGS? Up to $100 / hour

#6. Contract hours at a gym, wellness clinic, etc

Gyms, wellness clinics, naturopaths, dieticians etc are always looking for holistic nutrition & health coaches especially in the weight loss niche

You can apply to work for them or rent out space in their clinic for certain hours and have your own clients

POTENTIAL EARNINGS? $30/ hour to unlimited

#7 -Be a Brand Ambassador for Supplements, workout clothes, equipment

Many health coaches are scared of the idea of affiliate programs and think they are not big enough but if you love any products and are recommending them to your clients, you are marketing for that company so you should get some money back!

Think about it: Protein Powders, supplements, water bottles, cooking equipment, books, timers, etc …how many of these products do you use and get asked about which ones to get.

You can start today by simply setting up an amazon store and you can send them links or check out the websites of the products you use under the “Site Map” section at the bottom of the homepage and see how you can apply to become an affiliate.  It usually takes less than 5 minutes to fill out the application and you are instantly approved

Potential Earnings:  Unlimited

#8- Run Nutrition Seminars or Workshops via webinars or in person 

Health Coaches  have sooo much knowledge that goes beyond just coaching a client.  Weight loss, how to meal prep, set your kitchen up for success, the power of green smoothies, how to calculate macros…there are sooo many topics!  

Like we said earlier, if your clients already love you – they want more from you so give it to them.  This can be done via an online platform like Zoom or you can run it live following any of your fitness classes so they are more likely to stay or show up.

POTENTIAL EARNINGS:  $27 – 297 (or more!)

So there it is..The 8 Ways you can earn income and grow your business in holistic nutrition & health coaching (especially if you have a specialty in weight loss and management!) – in person and online!

If you are ready to get certified, become a holistic nutrition & health coach with a specialty in weight loss OR add weight loss health coaching to your current biz to grow it, check out our Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach Certification to see how you can get started and launch your dream holistic nutrition & weight loss programs from the day you graduate at

There is so much opportunity now more than ever so if you have the passion, let’s help you make it happen!

Laura & Amanda

Founders of FIT CHICKS Academy


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*For informational purposes only. Please consult a physician before starting an exercise program