Today kicks off a very special series on FIT CHICKS Chat where we will be sharing behind the scenes stories and details from our graduates of the Fitness and Nutrition Expert Certification program.

Today’s episode we speak with Diane Angle, a coach and graduate of the FNE program who at 50 started a whole new career path, sharing that it is never too late to follow your dreams. After struggling herself with obesity, autoimmune conditions and hormonal issues, Diane now helps others to achieve optimal health with her step by step guidance and full support through her online programs.

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BIO – Diane Angle

Today we would like to introduce a past grad of our FNE and HWLE programs, Diane Angle. Diane has been working with an online training company called Kickoff. She specializes in working with women age 50 plus who are struggling with health issues related to obesity, hormonal issues, or autoimmune conditions. Diane is 50 years old herself, and has been an overcomer of decades of these kinds of health battles. Because of this, she desires to help other women move towards better health, quality of life and feel better in their bodies through the use of individualized fitness, lifestyle strategies and nutrition. Some clients she works with are choosing a balanced approach to nutrition while others opt for an individualized low carb or ketogenic protocol to optimize healing.

You can learn more about Diane and her programs at or follow her @Simplyfitketochick on IG, Simply Fit Ketochick on FB

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