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We put together this 60 page book after seeing so many aspiring coaches get overwhelmed & confused while trying to navigate through what to do and what not to do when trying to get started in the fitness & wellness industry and go from certified to opening their own coaching businesses.


fitness coaching guide

We share ALL the secrets to get you need to get started in this industry and start you successful coaching biz including all the REAL details of our personal story, struggles and steps so you can see exactly how you can do this too including.

  1. How we did it:

Our story from quitting our corporate jobs, swapping our suits to sweats and taking our fitness biz from 7 women to 7 figures without taking out loans, owning a physical space or having a huge social media following.

  1. The “Turn Your Passion to Profit” Fitness Biz Blueprint:

The secrets to building a profitable coaching business from the day you graduate without ever working at a big box gym. Also included is an

additional 10 unique ways to generate even more income with your biz no matter what is going on in the world

  1. Your Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Superpower

Find out which of the 6 fitness pro personality archetypes you are to uncover your fitness & nutrition coaching superpower to find YOUR tribe and grow quickly even with zero experience, think you don’t “look the part” or at an age or stage of your life.

  1. The 7 Steps to Getting Started

This is the exact steps and framework to getting into fitness industry and starting your successful coaching business with a checklist included!

  1. How We Can Help You

Ready to get certified as a fitness & nutrition coach and build YOUR dream business from the day you graduate? We got you covered! With over 600+

students from around the globe building successful businesses, we are to help you do the same!

This guide is a must read and is SOOOO valuable for anyone who is considering getting started and wants to get certified and coaching quickly.

We wish we would have known these things when we decided to start our fitness coaching journey…we promise it is game changing!