When it comes to maximizing nutrition while supporting fat loss, smoothies are the ultimate healthy fast food to use for yourself or for clients.   
 But not your typical green smoothie that you see on every coach’s website.  We are talking about “Weight Loss Approved” green smoothies that meet a specific criteria of blood sugar balancing aka protein, fiber and fat + specific amounts + weight loss superfoods + tastes delicious.  Not to mention how to coach it like a boss with clients…we teach you ALL of this at FIT CHICKS Academy!
Today , we are excited to share with you this delicious “Weight Loss Approved” green smoothie to add to your healthy recipe vault courtesy of Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach  Grad Vivian Abdalla, who created this recipe during her certification for her clients to get to their goals while maximizing their health & taste buds.
Take it away Vivian!

“My name is Vivian Abdalla, I am a certified holistic nutritionist with a medical background (studied in medical school in Egypt) and now a newly certified holistic weight loss expert coach. I am starting my career by working as nutritionist and weight loss coach at my new clinic in Burlington, On., Canada (one on one consultation).

I was working as a doctor in Egypt before I coming to Canada. When I became a resident in Canada I went through a serious health problem for 3 years and I had anxiety and depression because of this. When my health status improved, I wanted to start my qualifying exams for medicine. It was very stressful for me so I heard about the nutrition career from one of my old friends who was studying at IHN. It was very interesting for me and I decided to start learning about nutrition and this was one of my best decisions I have ever had in my life.

After I became a certified holistic nutritionist, I wanted to be more specialized in my career and learn more about weight loss. I did my research and I was lucky to find Fit Chicks Academy. I wanted to apply all that I was learning on myself first.

I loved all the modules and every time I started a new module, I got so excited. I have learned a lot and am looking forward to starting my career.

First, I started applying most of what I have learned on myself . The complete in 3 rule and the volume method along with the intermittent fasting. Successfully, I lost in 2 months more than 20 pounds.

I recommend this wonderful program to anyone looking forward to coaching and teaching clients who want to lose weight in a healthy way and make it a lifestyle change. This program is very rich in all the knowledge it provides and the helpful tools too.”


Recipe: Strawberry Green Smoothie

This perfect green smoothie will help you feel balanced, energized, and full for the day! Loaded with greens, fiber, plant-based protein, healthy fats, and enough fruit and almond butter to sweeten, without making it a dessert for breakfast. I love using spinach and strawberry. Both are low-glycemic real whole food which help stabilize your blood sugar and insulin level. Meanwhile, they provide the body with many vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Servings: 1

Tools Required: High Powered Blender


1 Cup Halved Strawberry

2 Cups Spinach

250 ml Almond Milk

1 tsp Chia Seeds

1 Scoop Vegan Protein+ (vanilla)

1 tbsp of Almond Butter


  1. Allow freezer smoothie fruit to thaw for 5 minutes
  2. Mic all your ingredients in your blender and blend
  3. Add cold water to change texture

Nutritional Facts:

Calories: 332

Carbohydrates: 25g

Fiber: 11g

Protein: 28g

Fat: 15g

Thank you so much for sharing, Vivian!

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