When it comes to maximizing nutrition while supporting fat loss, smoothies are the ultimate healthy fast food to use for yourself or for clients.   
 But not your typical green smoothie that you see on every coach’s website.  We are talking about “Weight Loss Approved” green smoothies that meet a specific criteria of blood sugar balancing aka protein, fiber and fat + specific amounts + weight loss superfoods + tastes delicious.  Not to mention how to coach it like a boss with clients…we teach you ALL of this at FIT CHICKS Academy!
Today , we are excited to share with you this delicious “Weight Loss Approved” green smoothie to add to your healthy recipe vault courtesy of Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach  Grad Mayumi Muller who created this recipe during her certification for her clients to get to their goals while maximizing their health & taste buds.
Take it away Mayumi!


I’m Mayumi and I am a business owner of 10 companies. I was having a lot of issues related to health & food! I was just figuring out all of my food intolerances & once I realized how I could help myself by listening to my body & putting in the foods it likes. So, I decided to go through the certification process!

Since graduating I have coached 3 clients but they are all happy with their results & our journey! I am hoping to help some more women in the future! I am doing one on one for now but I would luv to do group coaching in the future!

I decided I wanted to go into this because of all the food intolerances and body changes after I turned 40. I am currently 53 and have been able to maintain and keep my weight down as well as my energy levels up due to listening to my body!

Before deciding on FIT CHICKS, I looked at several programs and really enjoyed this one because I absolutely love the name! I also researched and found that this program was very detailed and organized. After going to the program I realized it was the perfect fit for me!

My favorite part of the program was the macronutrients excel sheet! I luv plugging in info & getting what I need to do for my clients. I did also enjoy the hands-on experiments that I did, especially the sauerkraut!

If you are looking to get certified, I would encourage you to do it! FIT CHICKS gave great Info & made it fun!


Mayumi’s Weight Loss Green Smoothie

Hello ladies!

I invented a new green smoothie that is fantastic. I created this green smoothie because I believe we sometimes do not get in enough GREENS into our day!

This smoothie has so many health benefits and delicious…

By drinking this green smoothie on the daily you will

Increase your energy!

Promotes weight loss & clearer skin!

Helps reduce sugar cravings & hunger levels!

It’s packed with antioxidants to fight off nasty illnesses, aging and the damage from free radicals!

Makes you feel good and happy. Food affects our moods and the health benefits will help you with stress, balance nerves and feel great!

The best thing is that they are delicious!

Ever since I found out about all my intolerances to many foods, I decided that one of the best ways to get my GREENS in is to blend it up. I luv drinking my GREEN smoothies, it makes me feel like I am doing something good for my body and I am.

Servings: 1

Nutrient Breakdown

Total calories: 385

Total carbohydrates: 297g

Fiber: 29g

Protein: 20g

Fats: 156g




  • 1-½ cups of unsweetened coconut milk
  • 2 cups of organic baby spinach
  • 1-2 Tbsp of flax oil
  • 1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries
  • 2 scoops of Arbonne plant based vanilla protein

Tools Required: 

Blender (I used my Nutra Bullet)

Knife to cut your fruit

Cutting board

Measuring cup

16 oz cup

How to make your GREEN smoothie:

  • Get all of your ingredients out and place on counter
  • Measure out 2 cups of unsweetened coconut milk & pour into blender container
  • If you need to cut up your fruit do so on your cutting board. If you are using frozen fruit no need to cut.
  • Measure out your spinach & put into blender container
  • Measure out your flax oil & put into blender container
  • Measure out 2 scoops of your protein powder & put into blender container
  • Place lid on blender container and blend until smooth
  • Pour into your glass
  • Enjoy😊

Thank you so much for sharing, Mayumi!

To learn more about Mayumi & her programs visit => http://www.mayumimuller.com or you can find her on IG @mayumimuller

PS Do you want get CERTIFIED as a Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach?  Download our program brochure here and learn how you start to create your dream life, health & career!