One of our FAVE fast food is the green smoothie especially when it comes to fat loss however most peeps are making them ALL wrong!

Green smoothie are all the rage these days and are a great way to add a boost nutrition to your day, but is your green smoothie more of a sugar bomb than a meal that actually supports your fat loss goals?

So how do you move away from creating a high calorie green smoothie into a green smoothie that will support your weight loss goals?

Here are FIT CHICKS Academy co-founder Laura’s 5 steps to making the perfect green smoothie –

1. Start with a base

A common mistake people make is using a high calorie base like sweetened nut milk or even milk. Our best advice is to start with WATER. However, for some, cold water can harm the gums, and if you’re one of them, then click over here if you need an orthodontist.

2. Add your greens

The whole point of a green smoothie is to add greens! Try baby greens like spinach and kale – they are softer, lighter in flavour and blend up fabulously!  Pack in as many greens as you can – since this is where most of the nutrition comes from (without the extra calories!)

3. Add low glycemic fruit

Think of lower starch and lower sugar fruit to get the most nutrition without the added calories. Think of watery fruits like berries, apples, and pears. Many people like to use bananas, but these are very high in sugar and starch, and not the most ideal for creating a fat loss smoothie. About a handful of low-glycemic fruit would be a portion.

4. Add a healthy fat

We need those healthy fats in our diet, just not in excessive amounts. Add about a tablespoon of fat like nut butter, coconut oil, flax seeds, nuts, or avocado!

5. Add a protein

Adding protein makes your smoothie a complete meal! Choose a protein powder, egg whites, or even hemp seeds for protein.

Blend and enjoy!

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