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Have you been hearing about detoxing and think it is all about skinny teas and juices? On today’s episode, we have author of the bestselling book “Joyous Detox”, SUPER awesome nutritionist, and founder of Joyous Health, Joy McCarthy. Joy is joining us to break it all down for you! We cover it all – from what is a detox and why it is important to your health, to how you can start to detox naturally, as well as Joy’s Top 5 detox tools she uses on the daily to keep her getting rid of the toxic load in her life. This is a PACKED podcast with tons of nutrition info you do not want to miss!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Joy’s health journey and how listening to her intuition changed her career, body, hormonal balance, and path.
  • Detoxing 101 – What it is, how to works, and why it can be a health game changer!
  • What we need to remove for detox success.
  • The importance of nutrient rich foods to detoxing.
  • Why skin brushing, deep breathing, and electronic detoxification are just as important.
  • How to set yourself up for detox success and why you may feel sick at the beginning.
  • Joy’s Top 5 tools should you have to detox and how you can incorporate them easily into everyday.
  • Resources to learn more about your body and support yourself through a detox.
  • Joy’s 1 piece of life advice to help women live fiercer, happier,  and healthier.

3 Key Points:

  1. Removing your toxic load and filling your life with nutrient dense food to replenish is key to detoxing.
  2. It is not just what you eat!  Detoxing includes your skin, electronics, thoughts and more!
  3. Get outside everyday!  Vitamin N (aka NATURE) is one of the biggest healers for mind, body and soul.

Resources Mentioned: – Joy’s website
Joyous Health –  Watch Joy’s YouTube Channel
Get a copy of Joy’s “The Joyous Detox” Book

Killer Resources!

  1. Fitness & Nutrition Expert Program:   Get certified in fitness, nutrition, wellness & business in 12 weeks! Registration is open for the Sept 27, 2017
  2. Natural Weight Loss Coach: Become a nutrition weight loss expert!  8 week program starts Oct 23, 2017

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