If you are in business or thinking of starting your own business whether it be an in person or online business you need to listen to this ASAP! In this interview I had the pleasure of interviewing Lori Kennedy Founder of The Wellness Business Academy and she shares not only her reason why you need to have a signature program but also the things that she would do differently today if she was just starting out to save herself time, money, frustration and begin to really build her business model. This interview is a must if you want to stop running around in circles and start to really make impact and a living!


In this episode, we cover: 

  • Learn when Lori realised she needed a signature program and why
  • How having a signature program saved her countless hours of jumping from client to client and feeling like a robot
  • The biggest mistakes you can make when developing your signature program and how to avoid them
  • The top elements you MUST include in your program to be successful
  • Why the transformation is critical to your success
  • How to streamline your business to be always speaking about the same solution regardless of your number of different avenues
  • Learn what programs you can use to streamline your backend today and some resources for free
  • Her top go to things to add in to get it right from the begging
  • Why you need to continue to evaluate your program and what you need to look for when doing so

Join Lori for her free 5 day challenge to get started building your signature program thewbh.com/5daychallenge

About Lori Kennedy

Lori Kennedy provides professional training for health practitioners looking to build and grow their businesses online. She’s also a mom, and lover of all things related to coffee. Lori’s two foundational programs The Wellness Business Academy and the Launch It Like a Boss Mastermind are growing a powerful community of health leaders who are transforming the way healthcare is done all over the world. She is also the host of The Business of Becoming Podcast for entrepreneurs who want to build the business and life of their dreams… all on their own terms.

Podcast – www.thewellnessbusinesshub.com/podcast

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lorikennedyinc

Instagram: https://instagram.com/lorikennedyinc

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/thewbh

Twitter: www.twitter.com/lorikennedyinc

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Happy Listening!

Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo

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