Hey Chicks,

At FIT CHICKS Academy we love seeing  students and  grads in the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach Certification Program (HWLC) learn about food and weight loss, and put it all together to create delicious, balanced weight loss smoothies for their clients.

Today we super excited to share this recipe for you from soon to be Certified Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach, Shannon Fox (Who is also a grad of our Fitness & Nutrition Expert program btw!)

Shannon created this recipe for one of the assignments in the HWLC, and excited to introduce Shannon and have her share her amazing smoothie recipe with you!

“Hi I’m Shannon and I love all things health and fitness! I enrolled in the Holistic Nutrition  Weight Loss Coach Certification program for many reasons. Not only to educate myself for my family but also my clients. 


The HWLC program has taught me so much about balancing hormones, creating healthy habits, coaching with confidence and so much more. The program has many fun assignments that include creating nutritious smoothies & making your or sauerkraut.


It has been such a fun adventure and I’m so happy that I took the leap and enrolled. There is so much support along the way that set you up for success. Thank you FIT CHICKS for designing a program that is educating and fun!”


Greens with a Punch Smoothie

When I hear greens, I hear yummy goodness for my tummy! Did you know that adding in a green smoothie to your diet can help with weight loss? How, you ask? Because it’s a great way to pack in essential nutrients, and keep our blood sugar in check (provided it’s balanced with protein, fat and fibre!). 

*Note that a handful of fruit is equal to about a 1/3 – 1/2 cup.


Thank you so much for sharing, Shannon!

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