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🥦Fitness & Nutrition Coaches know that fiber is one of your best fat loss friends. 🥦

Why? Because it fills you up faster, it slows down how quickly your stomach empties which helps to balance blood sugar and cravings and it moves “things” along aka keeps you from getting constipated.👍

When we are trying to lose fat, we need to be in a caloric deficit. That means we need to be taking in less calories than we are burning.

The problem with that is when we eat less, we can end up feeling super hungry and dealing with cravings that are beyond hard to ignore and before you know it, you are ripping the cupboards off and consuming handfuls of whatever is in arms reach. (Don’t worry – you are not alone! #beenthere)

This is where fiber comes in! When we eat foods that are high in fiber, nutritionally dense and lower in calories, our body shuts of hunger and cravings WITHOUT overeating on calories.

Voila! A win win…you are still reaching your fat loss goals and you are not feeling like a “HANGRY” deprived maniac. All by adding a few fiber rich, delicious foods into your meals.

In this video, we share with you not only how you can use fiber as your fat loss friend but our fave 3 high fiber foods that you can easily reach your daily fiber goals of 25-40g🥦🥦

What are your fave high fiber foods…let us know below!

Laura & Amanda

Founders of FIT CHICKS Academy

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