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From your workouts to your career to you relationships,  do you want to be able to CRUSH your goals and have no fear in anything you do? This week we bring Alisha Tatham, Olympian, Speaker, and Performance Coach, who inspires groups and individuals to set bold goals and teaching them how to slay the naysayers along the way to achieving them. This interview is PACKED with tools to help you mindset shift for success including how to overcome obstacles pulling you away from your dreams the 3 step approach to be able to recognize the champion with and Alicia’s Olympic tested principles for success that you can apply to your own life starting today.

Alisha Tatham is an Olympian, Speaker and Performance Coach, inspiring groups and individuals to set bold goals and teaching them how to slay the naysayers along the way to achieving them. After 9 years with the Canadian Women’s National Basketball Team program and competing for Canada throughout the world, the Toronto native reached her ultimate career goal in 2012 representing Canada in the Olympic Games in London, England. With a career filled with highs and lows, Alisha uses her experience in overcoming adversity on her way to her dream in teaching her audiences and clients Olympic tested principles for success. In 2013, Alisha has transitioned into a speaker and coach to empower young women nationwide to have the courage to achieve their audacious goals regardless of the obstacles that may stand in their way! Alisha has also appeared on national television as a sports personality for Rogers Sportsnet.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Alisha‘s journey on the road to becoming an Olympic athlete
  • How to overcome obstacles pulling you away from your dreams
  • We chat about her book The Audacity to Dream
  • How to recognize the champion within yourself with a 3 step approach
  • Learn her Olympic tested principles for success
  • Social media and how we can avoid FOMO
  • Learn how to recognize where your strengths are so you can get really focused
  • Looking at your life as a journey and understanding that you do not want to rush anything
  • How Alisha is now using her experiences and strengths to help mentor young women to help them recognize and achieve their dreams

3 Key Points:

  1. To find your inner champion you must know who you are, believe in yourself and be authentic to you!
  2. To reach your full potential you must set a goal, have a plan and never give up.
  3. You are you and that is your power!



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