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At FIT CHICKS Academy we love seeing the creativity and hard work of our Fitness & Nutrition Expert Program (FNE) students and grads. Today we are pumped to share this recipe for you from Fitness & Nutrition Expert  Ashlee Doucher! Ashlee created this recipe for one of the assignments in the Nutrition Module of the FNE program, and excited to introduce Ashlee and her creation!

My name is Ashlee Doucher. I am a wife and mother to 4 beautiful boys, that’s right…4! After having 4 boys, I was completely out of shape and unhealthy. For many years, I worked in the legal field sitting behind a desk because it paid the bills. One day I decided to take back my life by choosing nutritious foods and getting active. I lost nearly 100 pounds and decided to turn my passion into a career. I graduated from FIT CHICKS Academy and opened my own business called, “The Savvy WELLness Project.”
I was looking to get certified as a Fitness & Nutrition Expert because I wanted to help other women take back their lives. When I was searching for ways to get certified as a trainer, the only website I found that detailed their program was FIT CHICKS. Then the bonus, I was able to speak with one of the founders to have any questions answered and to find out more! During my initial conversation with Amanda, she was very friendly and answered all my questions. This gave me confidence in choosing FIT CHICKS!
My favourite part of the FNE program was that you are able to work at your own pace. As a wife and mother, time isn’t always on my side but being able to work through the program at my pace was very beneficial. I also loved that the program was 3 months, I gained so much knowledge that I graduated feeling confident in what I knew. I also loved how the instructors were so down to earth and humble, they were very relatable. It’s hard to pick just one favourite!
To anyone considering the program I would say Don’t over think it. The best decision I made for myself was choosing FIT CHICKS. I was originally going to put the program off and wait until the time was better for my family. I am so happy I didn’t wait.

Light and Delightful Eggs with Veggie Slaw

A breakfast dish that is full of nutrients. Scrambled eggs and a side of a fried cabbage, broccoli and asparagus slaw, with a side of frozen raspberries. This dish is a great way to start your day, all the superfoods will boost your energy levels to help you get things done. With the foods being low glycemic your blood sugar will stay level and you won’t be left with a crash after eating.

This is my daily go-to dish. I am a stay at home mom with 2 boys in school and 2 babies at home. I probably have more time in the kitchen during the mornings than most people, but I still look for something to make up quick since I have 2 babies to look after. I find this dish is quick and delicious and I am comfortably full until lunch time. I’m also not the only one that finds this dish delicious, my boys even climb up on my lap to take little bites of the eggs and veggies. Now, if I put it on their own dish in front of them, they absolutely refuse and say “yuck.” A little trick I’ve learned when trying to get my boys to eat their veggies….is letting them eat if off my plate. Apparently, it tastes completely different then veggies on their own plate!


TOTAL CALORIES PER SERVING: 374 calories per serving


  • 2 Large Eggs: Carbs 1g, Fat 10g, Protein 13g, Fiber 0g
  • 1 cup chopped cabbage: Carbs 5g, Fat 0g Protein 1g, Fiber 2g
  • 40g chopped Broccoli: Carbs 3g, Fat 0g, Protein 1g, Fiber 1g
  • 40g chopped Asparagus: Carbs 2g, Fat 0g, Protein 1g, Fiber 1g
  • 1 tbs Coconut Oil: Carbs 0g, Fat 14g, Protein 0g, Fiber 0g
  • 1 Cup Fresh Frozen Raspberries: Carbs 15g, Fat 1g, Protein 1g, Fiber 8g
  • 1 tsp Everything Blend spices
  • Sprinkled with Franks Red Hot Sauce to taste
  • Everything Blend Ingredients: 2 tablespoons dried oregano leaves, 1 ½ tablespoons garlic powder, 1 ½ tablespoons onion powder, 1 tablespoon dried ground rosemary, 1 tablespoon turmeric powder, 1 ½ teaspoons sea salt, 1 teaspoon black pepper.


  1. Turn pan on Medium Heat, melt one tablespoon coconut oil
  2. Add chopped cabbage, broccoli and asparagus when oil is melted. Turn heat up to medium high. Stir occasionally.
  3. While vegetables are cooking, crack 2 large eggs into separate bowl then whisk with a fork.
  4. When vegetables are cooked to desired readiness (I like mine still a little crunchy) move vegetables to one side of the pan.
  5. Pour eggs on opposite side of vegetables. Cook until eggs are scrambled and not runny.
  6. Then add the Everything Blend seasoning to the eggs and vegetables.
  7. Stir the seasoning to blend evenly, plate and serve.
  8. Add Franks hot sauce if you like a kick!


If you have an egg allergy or just don’t like eggs, you can substitute any lean protein in place of the eggs. Lean pork sausages are a good substitute for a breakfast dish.


This dish is awesome because any of the vegetables can easily be swapped out in exchange for another vegetable. Don’t like cabbage? Substitute Kale. Don’t like asparagus? Substitute Brussel sprouts. You can add spinach, onions, green beans….any kind of vegetable you’d like.


This is also a dish that you can make enough for leftovers the next day.

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