In this interview we chat with the one and only Christmas Abbott. You may have heard her name before – she’s a the National Best Selling Author of “The Badass Body Diet” and “The Badass Life” and was also came in third in Big Brother season 19, even after breaking her foot! (Now that is one fierce chick!)

In this episode, Christmas shares her story of going from zero knowledge of fitness and nutrition to the health and fitness badass she is today. She also shares her insights into the right types of supplements, what to look for in protein powders and why every woman listening might want to consider adding supplements to help enhance performance and help you feel at the top of your game!

In this episode, we cover: 

  • Christmas’ personal story of transformation and how she went from not having any education in fitness or nutrition to the bada** she is today
  • Why supplementation was something she has zero interest in and when that all shifted
  • How adding 4 specific supplements to her plan helped her performance, rest and recovery
  • Protein powders and what you want to look for in a protein
  • How not all powders and supplements are created equal
  • The single most important thing to pay attention to when looking to invest in any supplements or programs
  • Why you might want to consider supplementation

3 Key Points: 

  • Knowing what supplements to take is a process that you need to invest time and energy into. Spend time reading labels, reviewing products and seeing what is out there so you make the right choices for you and most important ask why. Why you need to take certain supplements if they have been recommended to be sure the answer reflects your goals.
  • When choosing the right protein powder as a meal replacement or recovery, look for pure proteins if possible. This will save you from ingesting extra processed things you do not need and that you can simply add too with real whole foods to make a meal replacement.
  • You need to look at your investment in your health as a way to no save money today but way to save money in the future on health complications. Your health should not be something you do not place value in.


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About Christmas

National Best Selling Author of “The Badass Body Diet” and “The Badass Life”, NASCAR Pit Crew Member, CrossFit Games Competitor, Weightlifter Competitor, Reality TV Star, Motivation Maker, and Transformation Guru, Christmas is not your average fitness enthusiast. Christmas has trekked through dark paths to find her biggest light, living a life worth living and inspiring others to find their light. Through struggle she found fitness and a new spirit that she came to be known as a true Badass.

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