When I became a mama I  remember feeling so much pressure. 

Pressure to nurse my baby.

Pressure to get a ship tight schedule in place.

Pressure to make all food from scratch for my baby and freeze it along with a supply of milk.

Pressure to be a super mom and run a business while taking care of a new human.

On top of all of this there was also the pressure to bounce back that came in tidal waves across my social media feeds. 

I was so overwhelmed with all of the other stuff to think about, the last thing I needed was more pressure and especially about my body and my recovery. Yet, still there is was on a daily basis feeding my insecurities.

That is until the day I decided to remind myself of my core beliefs and follow my own path to success and what that looks like for me is different from what it is for others.

That is my story and why the bounce back vibes didn’t fit into my life.

Today, I chatted with Shelby, owner of Fit As A Mama Bear all about her thoughts on the bounce back mentality and pressure.

We also chatted about her definition of fit, as it is different from person to person as it should be.

She shared what she does daily to be fit and her why that drives her to be fit and share this knowledge with other mama’s in the world.

And finally, how she fits it all in with a tight schedule as an entrepreneur and mama.

Listen today to be inspired on how you too can be fit as a mama bear.

Meet Shelby – a Strength & Nutrition Coach and the person behind the blog Fitasamamabear.com- a blog geared towards making fitness, health and natural living PRACTICAL for busy moms. Shelby is a busy mom herself to two little girls. As a fitness junkie, a crazy foodie and a regular diy beauty lover, Shelby helps busy moms get fit, happy and healthy by sharing her knowledge and resources. She loves sweaty workouts, tasty and super simple meals and living as naturally as possible- though there’s definitely a lot of trial and error there!

Fit As A Mama Bear


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