At first I had no idea what Onederland meant but after meeting Michelle Thomas through our Fitness and Nutrition Expert program I can say I am truly in awe of all who reach and aspire to reach Onederland.

Through the years of knowing Michelle I have learned so much about her journey of losing over 100lbs three times, yes really! As well as her heart and true aspiration to help others reach their own goal of Onederland and health in their own lives.

Today, we chat with Michelle live so she can share all of her ideas, wisdom of weight loss and keeping it off as well as insight on how to take that first step to building the business of your dreams.

Michelle shares with you her story, her why, her how and the steps she has taken to make her journey to Onederland a success.

Watch, listen, or read below!

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Read the transcript here.

Michelle Thomas, is the Badass Habit Woman and founder of ONEderland Wellness. She’s cracked the code to permanent 100 pound weight loss. 

Her mission, through her passionate and open hearted Online Group Coaching program is to provide guidance and community for those working to reach ONEderland, she’s here to inspire you to change your approach to weight loss and wellness—while making it all feel like a natural part of who you are.

And when she’s not coaching you can find her lifting heavy things(often her teens), creating new healthy recipes or researching new lifting techniques.

Join her challenge here:


Laura & Amanda

Founders of FIT CHICKS Academy

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