People will tell you to love yourself but we all know that is easier said than done. Do you ever wonder what it takes to finally let go of your insecurities and go after the thing you want most?

Today we chat with Fitness and Nutrition Expert graduate and owner of Inner Warrior Fitness, Lynette Tucker to learn more about how she has went after her goals, focused on letting go of insecurities and changed the conversation with her family and clients to one of positivity. Lynette also shares how you can learn to love the process, even just a little more than you did today.

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Lynette Tucker Bio:

“Hello all!!

Lynette Tucker here! Let me tell you a little bit about myself! 

I am a small town Kansas girl who now lives in Mckinney, TX!

I am married to a great guy and a mama to 4 kiddos which include 2 step-children. We have 2 girls and 2 boys. Ages ranging  from ages 20, 17,15 and 9 years old and of course I have to include my 3 fur babies too!

 Prior to becoming a Personal Trainer I worked as a Federal Investigator for Office of Personal Management. I spent alot of time investigating & interrogating people in this role. I mainly was looking for any bad things in their life to disqualify them for certain things! I thought this is something I would love. I worked really hard to get to this position and ended up hating that job and even more how I left people after my interactions with them. I wanted to inspire people and help them not hurt and discourage!

After getting remarried and having our last daughter I became a full stay at home mom. 

I have always been pretty active growing up playing sports all year round and loved running.  

I started really focusing on my health journey in 2011 right after I had my last child and noticed that I wasn’t feeling like my normal self, not being as active as I used to be and my body was just hurting all the time. I actually started working out at a gym that offered a lot of kettlebell training, plyometrics, and mobility training. I instantly fell in love with the exercises, with the people and with my transformation. I was even more excited about the community. I lost 20lbs and was stronger than ever physically and mentally! I fell in love so much with getting healthy, cheering and motivating other people that I became a trainer there! I know how hard the process is to get started and how tough & lonely it can be so I strive to focus on the good and keep pushing through!

I  have a desire for getting people to the best version of themselves through fitness, health & mindset coaching! I am a big believer that you should love and embrace your body exactly where you are at that moment. It takes time, work, love, patience and fun!!!!!!  Embrace every step in the process and celebrate all the wins and shake off the losses.  I am a lifelong learner and always continuing my education to be the best coach for my clients.                                   

I help provide mindset coaching, workouts, meal plans and natural, raw and healthy supplements to support you on your journey!! 

I have a huge passion for helping others become healthy from the inside out. “

BS Criminal Justice



Owner Inner Warrior Fitness


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