Do you start a weight loss plan full of commitment and excitement and then as soon as an obstacle comes up, you think you can’t reach your goal?

You throw in the towel.  You give up on yourself. 

The truth is, an obstacle is just that….an obstacle! 

We don’t have to make it mean anything about us or our ability to transform our bodies and health. 

In this episode, we are diving into how your brain works when it comes to dealing with obstacles, how to simply reprogram these thoughts and habits with ONE exercise and how this will not only help you reach your weight loss goal effortlessly BUT any goal in your life!

Humans have one brain, but it has really developed over time and become more complex, leaving us with essentially two brains.

A modern brain and a primal brain.

Your modern brain (pre frontal cortex) is responsible for problem solving, memory, language, judgment, impulse control, and reasoning.

Your primal brain (hindbrain and medulla) is responsible for survival, drive, and instinct.  It seeks pleasure, avoids pain and wants to put in the least effort as possible

When your primal brain is engaged (sympathetic response or fight or flight response), your modern brain is not working much. When the primal brain turns off and the modern brain kicks into gear (parasympathetic response), rationality returns, bringing back clearer thinking.

When we are in the midst of an obstacle (and it doesn’t matter if it is a health scare or you have a packed schedule of work and kids events), in the moment we are using our primal brain which makes it VERY hard to make decisions that are in line with our weight loss goals. 

The truth is, an obstacle is just that….an obstacle!  We don’t have to make it mean anything about us or our ability to transform our bodies and health. 

The secret to overcoming obstacles is having a plan for them in advance.  This way our brain knows when XX happens, I can handle it because I have already thought about it.  Obstacles can be big or small but when we plan in advance, we can handle anything.

When we have a plan in advance for obstacles, we not only:

  1. Use the power of our pre frontal cortex so when stress kicks in, we don’t allow our primitive brain to take over and are driving through drive through
  2. Train our brain this is not a negative thing, we know what to do which reduces stress, pressure or using this obstacle against ourselves and choosing to quit on our goals
  3. Know obstacles will happen and maintaining our weight and health goals is not a “IF / OR” game like I can eat healthy IF the kids are at school.  It is an AND game “I can deal with any obstacle AND keep on track for my weight loss goals”

In this exercise, you are going to write out all of the obstacles that may be in your way for the next 4 weeks of the program and a plan of how you will overcome each of them.


Obstacle: Kids are on March Break 

Plan:  Meal Prep in advance so not eating on the fly

Obstacle:  At a work conference for 4 days and eating out at restaurants

Plan: Get a hotel room with a kitchen, use my Complete in 3 Build a Meal Template to make choices off the menus that are in line with plan,  talk to coach

Repeat this for anything that might be a challenge for you to reach your goals and have a plan of attack…it will be a game changer!

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Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo

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