Ever wonder what celebrity trainers are doing differently to get their clients red carpet ready? Holly Perkins, celebrity trainer, Author of Lift to Get Lean and Founder of Women’s Strength Nation, shares her insider tips on how to get fit once and for all. She peels back the curtains to share the good, bad, and ugly of the industry as well as how she personally transformed her own body recently to get in the best shape of her life. If you are looking to get lean for good, this is not to be missed.


In this episode, we cover: 

  • The  good, bad and ugly of the fitness industry
  • Holly shares her own fitness habits that hindered her from reaching her own fitness goals
  • After 20 years of training others she has finally cracked the code for her own fitness transformation
  • What she was doing before that she still continues to do and what has changed in her daily habits
  • How this has changed how she works with her clients
  • Why social media trainers are not always going to be your best bet and how to find the right trainer for you
  • Why as an industry we need to take more accountability and be more responsible with our clients
  • Holly’s top tips of how to get out of a fitness rut today

About Holly Perkins

Holly Perkins is a celebrity trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and the author of Lift to Get Lean (Rodale). She is a contributing writer for Women’s Health, Prevention, Shape, SELF and more. Holly founded Women’s Strength Nation to provide women with the tools to develop personal strength through the practice of strength training. Shape magazine named Holly as one of the “Top Trainers to Follow” and has worked with Karlie Kloss, Adrian Grenier, Howard Stern and Petra Ecclestone. You can learn more at https://hollyperkins.com

Join Holly for her upcoming transformative program: The Next Level.

It is a four month personal coaching program that incorporates body transformation with personal growth and development. It’s strength training and nutrition based where she will be guiding each woman on executing the necessary actions in order to reach her goals. It’s an intimate group of 10 women who will each receive personalized programming from Holly Perkins for strength, cardio and nutrition. Register today as spots are selling out:


The Next Level Program includes:

-Customized, periodized, 4 month Strength Plan

-Customized 4 month Cardio Plan

-Nutrition Plan based on blood type and personalized macros

-Weekend intensive mastermind retreat in Los Angeles

-9 group coaching calls for ongoing strategy and personal guidance

Also check out her website for loads of free content to get you on track to reaching your goals today:


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