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Today we have an awesome guest post from one of our amazing FIT CHICKS Academy Grads Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Experts, Miranda Barrett! 

We love having our grads share their healthy tips and knowledge especially during this time of year so take it away Miranda…

The holidays are in full swing and with that comes temptation around every corner. The late-night parties, sweet treats, buffet dinners and endless supply of alcohol make it difficult not to overindulge.

Navigate the holidays without derailing your health and fitness goals with these 10 tips to help you stay on track this season.

#1. Avoid Overeating

It may seem a bit obvious, but overeating is a common occurrence over the holidays. No matter where you turn there is something to eat or drink, which makes overindulging easy to do. Instead of eating everything in sight, strategically pick your favourites and enjoy those.

And don’t be afraid to say no – there is nothing that says you have to eat everything that is offered to you.

#2. Don’t Skip Your Workouts

You might be tempted to skip your workouts after that late-night get-together, but working out helps energize your body, not to mention burn calories.

And trust me – you will need to burn some serious calories after all that delicious food!  

Aim to get your workout done in the morning, so the excuse of after-work cocktails doesn’t derail your plan. And remember, choose a workout you enjoy.

#3 -The Holiday Dinner Dilemma

Being invited to someone’s house for a holiday gathering is great, but sometimes the options are less than stellar when you’re trying to watch your waistline.

Focus on filling half your plate with veggies and remember that lean protein is your friend. Choose turkey, chicken, fish or pork loin over ham and other processed meats.

Another great way to ensure there are some healthy options available is by offering to bring a dish. That way you know you have at least one healthy option to choose from, plus it’s a great way to impress the host.

#4- Catch Your Zzzz’s

Getting some extra shuteye over the holidays is important, especially when it comes to the added stress the season brings. Sleep ensures our body can run at optimal levels and keeps our immune system in tip-top shape.  Plus, nothing is worse than getting sick over the holidays.  Aim for 7-9 hours a night 

#5- Eat Before You Go

Tempted to fill up on decadent desserts and drool-worthy appetizers? 

Play it smart by eating a small meal before you go that includes protein.

If you are someone who suffers from food allergies or intolerances, it’s also wise to bring something small you can munch on in case you’re not sure what’s on the menu.

#6- Give digestion a break

Are you a late-night snacker? Try to avoid eating at least 2 hours before hitting the hay as your body needs time to rest and digest.  

#7. Stay Hydrated

Put down that shortbread cookie and grab some water girlfriend!

Did you know that feeling hungry may simply be your body’s way of signaling dehydration? Make sure to always have your water bottle on hand and aim to drink at least half your weight in ounces each day.

Staying hydrated will also curb that appetite, which comes in especially handy at holiday gatherings.

#8. Watch the Booze 

Let’s be honest – alcohol is simply empty calories so try and limit your consumption.

Just like overeating is common so is the overconsumption of alcohol. And of course, with over-drinking comes more eating – a vicious cycle you want to avoid.

Alternate alcohol beverages with a large glass of water and if you must sip on something choose lower-calorie options such as wine, light beer or vodka with soda water. Add fresh lemons or limes for an added twist.

#9 -Take Time for Yourself

Don’t sacrifice time for yourself over the holidays.

Sure it’s nice to celebrate, let loose and enjoy the festivities, but that doesn’t mean self-care has to go out the window. Just like stress can wreak havoc on the body, so can exhaustion.

Put some quality time aside for yourself and enjoy the little moments. Something as simple as an evening walk, watching your favourite Christmas movie, treating yourself to a mani-pedi or booking yourself a massage will have you feeling relaxed and recharged in no time.

And remember, don’t over commit yourself to too many things.

#10. Be Merry and Bright

The holidays are a time to enjoy yourself, so don’t deprive yourself of your favourite dishes. Simply eat them in moderation, focus on portion control and heck eat that chocolate truffle that’s calling your name (just don’t eat the entire box).

And remember, the holidays are meant to be enjoyed so get out there and celebrate with loved ones. You never know what the season of giving might bring.

Do you have any healthy holiday tips you’d like to share? Feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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