When it comes to transforming your own nutrition as well as being a Holistic Nutrition Coach that clients flock too, there is ONE very important principle you have to follow or else you will NOT get results.

You have to keep it SIMPLE.

Most people feel so frustrated with their own nutrition and most coaches feel like frauds because they can’t get their clients to their goals (specifically weight loss!) and it is because what they are doing is either:

  1. Confusing – We are inundated with so many different nutrition strategies, we have no idea which one is right!  Should I do Keto? Go Vegan? Follow FODMAPS…it is waayy too much and we get stuck in doing nothing
  2. Unrealistic – If a program is making you cut out an entire macronutrient or food group, labelling foods as “good” or “bad” and perpetuating a bad relationship with food…RUN. Also if it something that can not be committed to for the LIFE…run even faster.
  3. Too time consuming or expensive – you do need to spend HOURS prepping in the kitchen, revamping your whole life around food or by a ton of supplements or equipment.

When you learn the REAL habits and hacks that lead to nutrition & weight loss success, you will wonder why you have made it so complicated for SOOOO long – for you or your clients

Believe me- I used to be like this until I learned about Holistic Nutrition and lost 50lbs. And then I have taught these concepts to hundreds of our FIT CHICKS Academy Grads and combined they have lost and helped others lose 1000’s of pounds.

By even implementing ONE of these hacks in your life or with clients, you are going to see huge changes.  These are also some of the exact methods we teach our coaches to use.

Let’s breakdown the Top 5 Holistic Nutrition Hacks to reach your weight loss goals for REAL.

1. Follow the Complete in 3 Rule  🙋

If you have been following us for a while, you have probably heard me talk about the Complete in 3 rule.  In our world it is an oldie but a serious “goodie” when it comes to hacking your nutrition.  The rule is that when building a meal, your plate should be based around the following 3 things:  Protein + Fibre (preferably low glycemic fruits & veggies) + Healthy Fat

This automatically creates a “blood sugar balancing” meal that reduces cravings, keeps you fuller longer and avoid the hormonal spikes that cause weight gain (and block weight loss). I love this hack for myself and my clients because ANYONE can do it and you can take this tool with you everywhere you go.

✔️ At a holiday party…follow the complete in 3.

✔️ Unsure what to pick on a buffet…follow the complete in 3.

✔️Grabbing a snack…follow the complete in 3.

Our Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach Grad Sarah calls this here “Ultimate Secret Weapon” with her clients.  Even by following this simple rule (and knowing the best foods to include in each category), you never have to stress about what to put on your plate. By trying this ONE hack in your life or with clients, you are going to see huge changes.  These are also some of the exact methods we teach our coaches to use.

2. Create Core 4 Meals. 🔪

In our Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach Certification, we teach a concept called the Core 4.  It is based around the idea that you have 4 “go to” meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack OR meal 1, 2, 3 & 4 depending on how you label your meals) that are:

  1.  Based around the Complete in 3 Rule that we learned yesterday
  2. Are 4 meals you can make in less than 5 min
  3. Include foods you love to eat
  4. Are comprised of ingredients you always have on hand.

The idea is to keep your meals as simple as possible. Find things you like and repeat.

This doesn’t mean boring.

Here is an example of my personal Core 4:

  1. 0% Greek Yogurt (Protein), Raspberries (Fibre / Low Glycemic Fruit), Chia Seeds (Healthy Fat)
  2. Chicken (Protein), Coleslaw (Fibre / Low Glycemic Veggie), Olive Oil & Vinegar dressing (Healthy Fat)
  3. Eggs (Protein), Kale/Tomatoes/Onion (Fibre / Low Glycemic Veggie), Avocado (Healthy Fat)
  4. Green Smoothie – Vanilla Whey (Protein), Frozen Strawberries & Spinach(Fibre / Low Glycemic Fruit), Flax seeds (Healthy Fat) – add water or unsweetened almond milk

The combinations are endless.

With the Core 4 you are never stuck then, scrambling to find something to eat when you are STARVING and end up making the wrong decisions.

You can have something fancy and make a lot to have in batches….

Or you can just have meals made up of 3 things and will make it easy for you to stick to your nutrition plan when you have these in your arsenal.

Plus this builds your confidence or your clients confidence in their own your ability to program their nutrition and trust their ability to make the right choices because THEY chose the foods based on your guidance. This is KEY to long term transformation and is often overlooked in nutrition or weight loss coaching (we teach you exactly the method of how to do this and coach clients to shift their mindset & habits in the HWLC Certification)

3. The Shopping Solution   🛍️

This is one of our favorite healthy eating hacks and it is SIMPLE. And in today’s age, doable no matter where you are in the world. The Shopping Solution is to swap going into the grocery store for online grocery shopping. I know this doesn’t sound exciting but stay with me….the is a gamechanger. Now, not only are you are more likely to make healthier choices in advance when ordering on a computer screens vs in store where sights and smells of foods can throw you of course…

… but the real magic in this is it is actually a BRAIN HACK that is using the most powerful tool we have to reach goals.

When we are in the moment especially during times of stress (insert kids at home, overworked, tired…basically how many of us feel everyday!) our primitive brain takes over which is programmed to seek pleasure, avoid pain and puts in as little effort as possible.

It is the part of the brain that leaves us wondering “Why did I just eat pizza for dinner when I just said this morning I eating healthy to reach my 20lbs weight loss goal?!”

You don’t know why you are making decisions and actions NOT in line with your goal.  It is because this part of the brain can not see our long term goal, it just wants to feel better right now.

The primitive brain is what will have your grocery cart filled with pastries, chips and pizza when you intended on only stocking up on healthy food!

When we make decisions and plan 24 hours in advance, we use a part of our brain called the pre frontal cortex.  This is the “grown up” part of our brain that guides us to delay gratification and make decisions in line with our goals. It allows us to see the “big” picture and stay motivated when we know what we are working towards even when stress comes up and the primitive brain wants to take over.

Most people make decisions in the moment and wonder why they always feel it is such a struggle to make the right one…you are literally having a brain battle!

Which is why shopping in advance in the best nutrition AND brain hack!. You make decisions in line with your goals and avoid the primitive brain trap in the moment. You also are reprogramming your brain and habits to be in line of who you are becoming.

Honestly this hack alone will improve your chances of reaching goals 10 fold.  And as a holistic nutrition weight loss coach, we dive more into this brain hacking & mindset shifting in the certification in addition to the habit & nutrition plans you need as coach your clients on in their own shopping solution.

4. Build a Low Glycemic Kitchen 🛍️

This means building a low processed food kitchen. Most of us have cupboards, fridges and freezers full of highly processed, high sugar & starch foods that wreak havoc on our health and our goals.

You have to set up your space for success. Like if you were building a house, you need the right tools and materials.  It is the same with building your healthier body and reaching weight loss goals, you need the right fuel to get you there.

Also this is KEY to balancing the hormones you need to achieve weight loss.

How to start this hack?

1. Follow the 80/ 20.
2. Pick 1 area of your kitchen to  makeover first (example your freezer).  Look at what is high glycemic and low glycemic and put into 2 piles.
3. Now restock the area in 2 sections: 80% being low glycemic and only 20% being higher glycemic (preferably in real whole food form).
4. Keep them separate so when you make aware decisions, 80% of the time you will be pulling from the low glycemic side and 20% the higher glycemic side if you choose.

(Tip- if fridge or freezer, you also can use this space to stock up on batch cooking or homemade smoothie bags to save time and tap into our Hack #3 from yesterday!)Setting up your space for success is something you must focus on when you are shifting your nutrition and weight but most people don’t address it.  Your space is a reflection of who are creating…a healthy, vibrant you so do it intentionally.

5. 5 Minutes of Honesty Exercise 😅

This is not about transforming what you eat or changing your habits.  If you aren’t hitting your goals. Ask yourself why.

This is a hack most people do not think of when looking at their nutrition.  It is as simple as asking yourself questions and answering honestly to get clarity.

It is about having an honest conversation with yourself about your nutrition and weight…and it can be a tough one to have if you do it from a negative place. Most people do this wrong and try to hate themselves to change their habits (spoiler alert- that NEVER works!)

This is NOT a conversation with yourself full of judgement, shame or negativity.  It is about coming at yourself and teaching your clients to think from a neutral place and getting curious about what it is you want and what you really need to do.

How to do this?  Set your timer for 5 minutes, grab a piece of paper and write out the answers to the following 3 questions:

  1. Why do you want this goal?
  2. What do you not have right now that you would need to be able reach your goal?
  3. Why will you be successful?

(VERY IMPORTANT- you have to physically write this on paper NOT just answer in your mind.  It is part of the brain hack:)

For example, do you want this weight loss goal to feel more confident in your skin and healthier? But you do not have the right info, education? You are you confused.  You are emotional around your relationship with food and you are overwhelmed and need a way to make it simple and easy to follow?  You want a coach or want to be your own coach.

The quicker you uncover what support is needed to get to your goals or your clients, the quicker you can reach them.  Sitting in overwhelm and confusion will get you or your clients NOWHERE.  Once you get clear, you can reach out for help vs randomly googling and trying the next diet.

Plus- telling yourself WHY you will be successful reinforces your belief in your ability to reach your goals. This also will help to personalize your coaching programs to where your clients need support from you as a coach.  And everyone will be different.

When I did this exercise, I tapped into what I needed to get healthy and lose 50lbs for good.  I didn’t want to feel as if my weight was out of my control and really learning about holistic nutrition, health and weight loss gave me the skillset to lead my own transformation.  Then lead my family to healthier versions of themselves.  And from there, coaching others and helping you.

The relationships we focus on in our lives improve. When you focus on improving your relationship with your body, health, nutrition, weight and yourself with love, it can only improve.  This is a skill that many coaches overlook and what you uncover will be invaluable to your success!

Now these are just 5 of our fave holistic nutrition weight loss hacks and coaching tools you will learn in the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach Certification.  If they have left you wanting more –  for your own life or your clients – then head on over to the link to download the brochure for our upcoming Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach Certification… it’s coming up soon so you don’t want to miss it! ⇒ www.fitchicksacademy.com/hwlebrochure to learn how you can get certified 

Laura & Amanda

Founders of FIT CHICKS Academy 🐣

*For informational purposes only. Please consult a physician before starting an exercise program