Hey Chick,

Well I am still in complete SHOCK that  we won Top Fitness Professional of 2019 by Can Fit Pro!

What is funny is that even though I can step in front of 100’s of women and teach a class or teach students from around the world online in our certification programs, I do not like attention being on me personally. #extrovertedintrovert.


So when my name was called – with Amanda right next to me cheering me on – the sweat started pouring, my hands were clammy and my voice was shaky – I was totally out of my comfort zone.  I actually tripped over 3 people trying to get out of my seat to the stage..sooo embarassing!

That being said, I was also totally honored and proud not only of myself but of my amazing team and all my chicks who support me everyday and allow us to be apart of their lives so I strutted up there – nerves and all- because I also wanted to share something really important to me and my life’s work.

And that is that we have to start shifting our mindset around what a fitness professional truly is.

To me, it is one of the most under recognized professions in the preventative health care space.

While yes we can help our clients lose 20 lbs or fit into the little black dress of their dreams, what we truly do is give people back the QUALITY of their lives.

Because when you can motivate & teach someone to move everyday and fall in love with fitness, fuel their body with real whole food  and shift their mindset to one of positive thoughts and possibility,  you have just given them the tools that not only can transform their bodies but change the ENTIRE trajectory of their health and life.

This could be the difference between a life full of happiness & confidence or a life full of self loathing

This could be the difference between a health event like a heart attack, diabetes or a stroke vs healing our body with natural methods.

This could be the difference between having the strength in mind and body to play with our kids and grand kids, fully enjoying life vs sitting on the sidelines

Learning these skills and creating these habits can SAVE YOUR LIFE.

Incorporating fitness and nutrition as a preventative health care can change everything for not only you but your family and community.

So when I got up there to do my speech, my focus was trying to get over the nerves of the attention but to do what we always do at FIT CHICKS Academy….use it as a platform to help other women get motivated and make changes to create the life, health and career you love.

I want every fitness pro to celebrate themselves for the amazing and crucial work you do every time you walk into your personal training session, teach a fitness class or run a nutrition workshop.

Because the impact you have is SOOOO much greater than you know.

And I want everyone who is thinking about getting certified or starting to teach and train to celebrate that you are about to become apart of an amazing industry that makes a huge difference in the health of our world and quality of our communities. #chickpower

Real change starts with YOU at home and in the towns you live in.

This is how we can start being healthier, happier and this will have a ripple effect that pays it forward 🙂

So while awards are great, they are just icing on the cake because we are already so lucky to have the best jobs in the world getting to be apart of your journey whether it be to becoming a certified fitness and nutrition coach or helping change the way you move, eat or think.

Thank you all for your support, kind emails, notes and allowing us to be apart of your world…we promise only bigger and better things to come!

With love and gratitude,
Founder of FIT CHICKS Academy & now Top Fitness Professional of 2019 by CanFitPro 🙂

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Happy Listening!

Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo

*For informational purposes only. Please consult a physician before starting an exercise program