The other day on an info session, a chick asked us what was different about the Fitness & Nutrition Expert Program compared to other certifications out there. The good thing was we had the answers for her. The bad (but still good) thing was, it was a REALLY long answer because honestly there is no certification for women that is like the FNE Program. So to save you from the long winded answer, we made a nifty TOP 10 break down why should join us this September….

#1 – It is like 4 certs in 1! Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness AND Business is all included so you save a TON of time and ton of moola

#2 – It is for women only. While we love our roosters too, this is a female only environment where we focus on helping women grow and thrive in this industry. This is as much a personal journey as it is a professional one and you will change in more ways than you thought possible.

#3 – You aren’t trapped teaching in one style! Group fitness, personal training, online training, retreats, nutrition, wellness coaching – the sky is the limit

#4 – Learn the WHY and the HOW. This is not just theory (even though we cover a ton) but you put into practice what you teach, giving you the skills and the confidence to start teaching as soon as you graduate.

#5 – We are named one of the Top Fitness Certifications by,the Personal Training Development Centre, accredited with CanFitPro & NASM, eligible for insurance worldwide aka we are LEGIT!

#6 – Have hundreds of students and grads around the world who LOVE this program and are making HUGE healthy changes in their lives, businesses & communities through getting certified (don’t believe us…check out all the testimonials on our website and that is not all of them!)

7. This is NOT a “Sign Up & See you Later” program like most courses. While it is taught 100% online, we are with you through the whole program (and beyond!) with access to your coaches, classmates and weekly live calls. You are a REAL person, we are REAL people and we are in this together.

#8 – Once you become apart of the FIT CHICK family, you are there for LIFE! We are a true family, supporting each other to continue to grow in this everchanging industry #healthysisterhood

#9 – It is designed not only to make you an amazing fitness & nutrition coach BUT also to create a biz you love – full or part time. Not just give you a piece of paper that gathers dust. #coursecollector

#10. It allows you to create the life, health & career in only 12 weeks. No we are not a weekend course nor do we want to be. But in as little as 3 months, you can STOP living a life where you feel stuck and START living a life of passion & purpose

We know it’s hard when starting a new journey. We know it takes guts to go after your dreams. But we also know that is POSSIBLE. Because we have done it…now it’s your turn!

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Happy Listening!

Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo

*For informational purposes only. Please consult a physician before starting an exercise program