Did you know that diastasis recti is not just for post pregnancy? That is right you can suffer from this even without having had a baby.

Today we chat with Fitness and Nutrition Expert graduate and owner of Goals and Gainz Andrea Laver to find out more about DR, some common signs to look out for and some simple but super effective techniques you can use to begin to correct this today.

Andrea also shares her top three things she has all clients focus on in order to start this process and no she is not talking crunches.

If you are ready to dive in and learn how to become an effective trainer, download the Fitness and Nutrition Expert Certification brochure at www.fitchicksacademy.com/fnebrochure today.


Andrea Laver Bio:

Andrea Laver is a totally normal person who happens to be passionate about the stuff inside your pelvis. After birthing her second daughter, Andrea developed pelvic organ prolapse – something that derailed her mood and her fitness. After learning how to heal herself, she was determined to help other moms heal from prolapse, diastasis recti, and leaking. She does this through online personal training and group fitness. Women don’t have to worry about hurting themselves or peeing when they jump in her PT sessions and group classes! And really, that’s a special kind of confidence!

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