Hey Chicks,

When it comes to bootcamps and high intensity intervals, there is ONE exercise that will always reign as “The Queen “B”….the BURPEE!

As you know, at FIT CHICKS we LOVE high intensity interval training and by adding burpees to your routine, you can push your workouts to a whole new level of burn – without having to add equipment or need a lot of space.

So to honor our “Queen B” and to give you some some extra fitness love that is short & sweet and can be done right in your living room, we give you our FIERCE 20 min “I Heart Burpees” Chick Style Workout.

Simply complete each burpee exercise for 1 minute followed by a 1 minute strength training superset (2 exercises back to back).

Remember chicks, this is a HIGH INTENSITY workout so give it all you got during the exercises and keep the rest times short to get the full benefits of HIIT training.


Happy sweating chicks!