We are so proud of all of our graduate of the Fitness & Nutrition Expert program! To celebrate their amazing achievements and inspire you to take action to go after your dream career, we are going to be featuring some of our amazing grads on the blog who have had great success in creating their career in health and fitness since graduating from the program.

This week we are excited to introduce Christy Boyd.  Christy is a recent grad who began the her journey with the FNE program in Sept 2016 who not only has her own biz, but  alos teaches for our FIT CHICKS Bootcamp!

Tell us a little about your career/business?

Hello there, Christy Boyd here and my Business is called C Beauty C Fitness.  It is my two passion rolled up in one. I am an Aesthtican/Make up Artist using all non toxic local products and am a Fitness & Nutrition Expert. I offer classic Aesthetic services using natural, local, non toxic products and I offer motivating group fitness classes for women of all levels, in the North Barrie, Stayner, Collingwood Area.

What made you decide to get certified and start a business or become a trainer in fitness and nutrition?

I decided to jump into the Fitness world for Me, I wanted to get motivated, change things up, get fit, and feel good. I never knew I would love teaching women’s group fitness classes so much,when I first started it all seemed so unknown,  like even the names of exercises:”I mean what was a karaoke? singing right! Lol ” I was really out of my element at first but then I trusted the process and writing  awesome HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts is now my favourite thing to do and offer.

What has been your biggest successes since starting your business? 

I feel great teaching these classes, it motivates me which in turn motivates my ladies in my class. My classes have come far, from offering free classes while in school FNE, to having 10 to 12 ladies on a weekly basis year round indoor and outdoor for 6 to 12 wk sessions, my prices have progressively moved up as I have gotten more organized and professional which all take time.

What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

My biggest Challenge as been combining my two/ three passion and allocating time for them all. Aesthetics, Fitness & Family. ( not in that order, lol ) It has taken some time to figure it all out, trail and error but we seem to have a balance for now. Our lives are ever chaneing so we must relax and enjoy, it all takes time and it all works out.

How do you feel the Fitness and Nutrition Expert Program helped you create your biz or dream job? What part of the program helped you grow the most ?  What was your fave moment of the program?

FNE was an amazing Motivating program! It had been a long time since I had been in school but this program was so full of so much exciting new interesting information ,it keep me on my toes and engulfed in it.
At first I felt a bit unsure on my direction but as Laura & Amanda say trust the process and the journey, enjoy each module it will become clear, one step at a time. I thought at one point that the nutrition module would be my favourite portion and all though amazing it turns out I love the Group Fitness.

How do you stay motivated?  What keeps you motivated?

Well I am a high energy women but I find teaching these group women’s classes keeps me  modivated gives me energy, I love written new workouts watching videos, I love the energy a big group of ladies gives to me and each other.


Where do you see your business in the next year?  What do you want to achieve and how do you plan to do it?

l I would love to have my fitness classes grow in the numbers of women, I would love to add a few extra year round outdoor workouts, ie; snowshoe winter boot camp or summer SUP core classes etc….. I would love to still have a nice balance of Family,Fitness and Aesthetics. (yes that order seems good!lol)
I am a 38 yr old Women, Mom, Wife, Make up artist, Sister, Aesthitican and now a Fitness & Nutrition Expert! If I can it you can do it!!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Christy! We are SO proud of you and everything you have accomplished! xoxo

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