Hey Chicks!

Today’s FIT CHICKS Friday workout is the 3rd in our band series! Today we focus on the lower body! That means legs and glutes!!

Here’s a quick reminder of why we love resistance band training!!

✔️ Help improve the quality of your exercise

✔️ Help focus your control

✔️ Recruit your stabilizing muscles

✔️ Promote better form

✔️ Help teach you to feel what’s working and what isn’t

✔️ Lightweight and easy to bring anywhere!!

So grab a band and see what you can do! Next week we will targeting our core!! Happy Sweating!


Exercise notes:

Front squats – Stand on the band and pull it up so the handles are rested on shoulders. Keep those elbows high!

Deadlift – Stand on the band

Glute bridge – Tie the band around your knees and focus on pushing the knees out as you squeeze your glutes and lift your hips off the ground

Lateral band walk – Place band around your feet, get into an athletic stance, and step sideways trying to maintain tension in the band the whole time

Monster walk – Tie band around ankles or knees, get into a mini squat stance and walk forward and backwards while maintaining tension in the band

Squat jacks – Tie band around knees, get into a squat and start doing jacks!


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